Written by Natasha Vincelli on 25.10.16

During our visit to the new Patisserie Gascogne location in the Jean Talon market, an employee told us that for any bakery to be worthy, they have to master the basics, so if the butter croissants are good, the rest will follow.


So let’s start by saying the croissants at this bakery are spectacular. They are crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside, and buttery all over. Sorry – we started drooling. This is not only because they are made with local flour; each croissant is hand rolled individually and then glazed with butter. That is exactly the standard of care that is used for everything that this traditional French bakery creates.


What we feel distinguishes this bakery from others in Montreal is their attention to detail. Each pastry and tart is made with a precision and finesse, which shows they value the consumer’s experience. Gascogne is a bakery that truly earns a spot in a rank of their own because, wait for it, they’ve created their own award-winning chocolate called “Mazarou” which is used in many of their French pastries.


Now we’ve had the good fortune of trying this chocolate and let us just say, for a 72% chocolate, it is incredibly smooth and rich. And while you are perusing their pastries, might as well stuff a maple éclair (with toasted pecans!) into your mouth. You are welcome.


Not only are their pastries worth your time, Gascogne also makes a wide selection of artisanal bread. This bakery produces 43 different kinds of bread, which means you can buy a different loaf every single day of the month and some. In an effort to cater to growing demands, they’ve expanded beyond baked goods and carry both fresh meals in store and a variety of frozen meals you can make at home. None of their food is made with preservatives, so this variety has allowed them to uphold their high quality while being practical.


All right, enough raving, go visit their new location and experience firsthand their baking finesse, quality ingredients, and original flavours, both sweet and salty!


268 Jean Talon Est, Montreal, QC H2R 1S7
(438) 387-6444

Photos by Natasha Vincelli (@dash_of_tash).

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