Written by Julia D'Adamo on 16.10.17

Here in Montreal, we sometimes need a break from the bustling city life. Thankfully, we’ve been blessed with the beautiful town of Mont-Tremblant a mere hour and a half away. For most people, Tremblant is reminiscent of camping adventures, winter ski weekends, and cozy cottage nights. However, did you know that Mont-Tremblant has an amazing food festival to add to your lineup of up North activities? Trust us, it is something you won’t want to miss!

Tremblant Gourmand Hike View

Tremblant Gourmand is a food festival that takes place in the Mont-Tremblant village for four days every September. The event consists of many activities that aim to combine three main passions: moving, eating, and drinking. Coincidentally, these happen to be our three favorite things. We were lucky enough to attend the first day of the event and let us tell you… moving, eating, and drinking were aplenty!

Trembant Gourmand Egg Truck

The first activity we took part in was the Egg truck. What can one possibly do at an entirely egg-themed truck, you may ask? First, we got to see real live chickens laying the fresh eggs we love to eat so much. We learned all about the egg process from chicken to table. We also got to try three different egg-themed dishes, all made from local Quebec chicken eggs. We tried a savoury and cheesy stracciatella soup, a fresh Mediterranean couscous salad, and creamy egg salad wraps. The truck also gave out recipe cards to recreate their egg-celent recipes from home.

Tremblant Gourmand Hike Energy Balls

After ample egg eating, we had to get moving! We took part in the Great Gourmet Hike Cime, and it was like nothing we’ve ever done before. While doing a 2 km hike through the scenic “Des Ruisseaux” trail, we got to stop at different stations to sample food and drinks along the way! The stations all provided food and drink that come from local produce and companies. Among the stars of the hike were venison tartare, maple water, blueberry energy balls, fresh salametti, and Boréale beer.

Tremblant Gourmand Wine Tasting 1

After the moving, we got to drinking. The festival offered a premium wine tasting with select bottles about to debut at the SAQ. We got to try three selections of white and two reds. To complement the wine, we were also offered a selection of fresh cheeses, crackers, and charcuterie. If wine and cheese is your thing, this is definitely a part of the festival you need to partake in.

Tremblant Gourmand Hike Beer

As the afternoon wore on, we leisurely strolled around the village of Tremblant to try the different food and drink stands! We tried ginger Jamaican beer with spiced rum and watermelon juice, decadent chocolate churros, refreshing protein smoothies, matcha lemonade, and more. One of our favorites was the Oka raclette on fresh baguette with a shot of Calvados Boulard – an apple liqueur that complemented the cheese perfectly. There was also a grilled cheese food truck that served grilled cheese with apricot jam as well as a blueberry goat cheese on bread – both were highlights of the day.

Tremblant Gourmand Grilled Cheese Truck

We ended our lovely day with a glass of wine on the beautiful outdoor terrasse at the Quintessence hotel. We were served the fanciest hors-d’oeuvres of foie gras, salmon tartare, and puffed cheese bread. And to top it all off? We saw a deer! Definitely an amazing ending to an amazing day.

Tremblant Gourmand Hike Salametti Skewer

While the festival is over for this year, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun next summer. The festival works by purchasing “passports” that give you access to select activities throughout the weekend. The standard passport, which runs at $30, gives access to many of the village’s food stands as well as the Great Gourmet Hike Cime. The VIP Passport, which is $75, gives access to additional activities like the wine cellar and elite chef food tastings. Other activities like the Gourmand Biking Tour, Lolë Gourmet Trek Yoga, and Mixologie 101 class can all be purchased “à la carte” style.

Tremblant Gourmand Hike Maple Water

With Tremblant Gourmand in the books for this year, we already can’t wait to make our way up again next September. We couldn’t think of a better place to eat, drink, and move other than our very own Montreal.

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