Written by Gemma Cocomello on 10.06.16

Montrealers are always faced with difficult decisions when it comes to deciding which restaurant to eat at (tough life). Downtown Montreal alone has hundreds of delectable options to satisfy all of our food cravings and palates. We’ve got another great downtown restaurant to add to the never-ending list: Restaurant MKT! Located right on the popular rue Metcalfe, MKT is a perfect place to start your night out on the town or a well deserved after work indulgence.

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With its simple exterior, you’ve probably passed by it several times. MKT is a mix of modern and rustic with a lovely interior and beautiful colouring. The first thing you see when you walk in: the gorgeous bar with a wide array of liquor! You can always tell how good a restaurant will be by its alcohol selection.

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For all you wine connoisseurs, you’re in luck! MKT has dedicated a whole section on their wall just for their vino! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and will ensure that you get the best wine pairing to go with your meal.

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Their menu has the best foods and flavours from Italy and the Mediterranean that can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Their menu is always changing thanks to MKT‘s very own market, located at the back of the restaurant. The market contains nothing but the freshest and best quality ingredients for their dinner guests. Chef Marino Tavares wanted to have an interactive market right in the city and has succeeded. With over 25 years in the restaurant business and having been voted Chef of the Year multiple times, you know that your food is in the best of hands.

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Not only is the food amazing at MKT but their presentation is as well. You can tell that the chefs really take the time to ensure that your meal is not only tasty but visually appealing as well. If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, MKT offers a 6-course tasting menu everyday until 9pm. This is a great way to try a wide variety of foods that the market and restaurant offer. They’ll cover all the different food groups, not to mention the most important meal of the day, dessert!

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One visit to MKT may just not be enough with its ever-changing meal options. Prices vary depending on the time you go and what’s on the menu that day. Appetizers can go between $12-$18 and include meatballs, calamari, and quail, just to name a few. For main dish options, they offer a wide variety of pasta, risotto, meats, and seafood, and that’ll cost you around $24-$38.

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Portions are decent and the quality is outstanding. You will definitely not have a bland meal here and you’ll leave feeling full. You also may not leave sober with all their booze and wine options. The Romans got it right when they said in wine there is truth. Wine and good food of course!

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2044 rue Metcalfe, Montreal, QC, H3A 1X8
(514) 849-2044

Photos by Restaurant MKT.

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