Written by Gianna Zappitelli on 14.04.15

There is just something about eating gourmet meals out of a big metal truck that makes people go nuts. Lucky for us Montrealers, starting April 2nd until September 13th, the Promenade St Bruno has been hosting the En Mode Gourmand event, where our favourite food trucks will be located on site, in the parking lot in front of the #2 entrance, for some fun & delicious feasting festivities!

Photo: Gianna Zappitelli (@city_maven)

This food truck event is quite unique, because each month will be devoted to a specific ingredient. Chef Jonathan Garnier, the judge on the cooking show Ca va Chauffer! and the owner of La Guilde Culinaire, will be hosting “culinary duels” where different chefs will be taking part in the creation of different dishes to experiment & explore different ways of working with the themed ingredient of that specific month. This month is focused on maple, May will be dedicated to asparagus, June will be strawberries, we’ll get mixed berries in July, and corn in August.

Garnier says that the main purpose for these themes is for customers to get a look at the top quality products that Quebec has to offer, and what better way than to showcase this theme through food truck events. The duels will be happening once a month, where two chefs will be making different dishes according to the theme of that month. They will be judged according to taste, presentation, and how well they incorporate the ingredient into the dish.  A live, free, cooking show in which we get to taste the creations… Our stomachs are already grumbling in excitement.

En Mode Gourmand Montreal (12) GZ

In addition to all these fun culinary experiences, the event is also for those who just want to check out the food trucks. With forty different trucks on rotation, there will never be a shortage of tasty delights! This past weekend we were spoiled with the trucks from L’assomoir, N900 Napolitane, Gauffrabec, QuaiSmoking BBQ, Guru, and Das truck: varied types of food for all types of foodies!

For weekly updates on food truck schedules and culinary info, go check out their Instagram and Facebook and explore the hashtag #bouffederue to connect with others who are also at the En Mode Gourmand event. Bon appétit!

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