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As September rolls forward, it seems like each day is another step north of the wall. Yet, there are still a few days where walking around in a light sweater and enjoying the warmth of the sun is possible. If on such a day, you think to yourself that you would also like to do some shopping and eating, then Quartier Dix30 is the place for you. Only 15 minutes from downtown Montreal, Dix30 has become the center of the South Shore.

Lunch Spots

Like most malls, Dix30 has the typical chain restaurants which can suffice in a pinch. But it need never get to that. If a quick fix is what you seek, then try the local Premiere Moisson. Incredulous? Understandable. But this iteration of the bakery has some tasty sandwiches and salads unique to the location. The perfect example is the Gre du Chef, a turkey BLT with cheese in a homemade focaccia bun topped with a delicious aioli.

Local #25, 7200 Boulevard du Quartier, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B5
(450) 676-7500

However, there are other stand-out choices for those with a little more time to kill. Mile Public House is a laidback pub which is a strong choice for lunch, dinner, or just drinks. Its après-ski atmosphere inside combines with a food menu of delicious pub food and specialty mason jar drinks. Stop in for a duck poutine with Gouda, the Cr$ss de Bon Nachos, or some fresh tartare.

9190 Boulevard Leduc #130, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B3
(450) 926-1444

Shop ‘Til You Drop

With over 200 stores, it’s tough to decide where to go in Dix30. However, there is a strategy to such things. If you picked one our lunch spots, then you are near Avenue Dix30, the new section. Take a stroll in this area and you will find densely packed shopping hotspots like Anthropologie, Aritmétik, Bebe, Michael Kors, and hr2 Holt Renfrew. There’s also Bleu Comme le Ciel and Fossil for his and her accessories. Try hard not to be sucked into Bowring and Pottery Barn even if that Halloween party set has skulls, test tubes, and skeleton martini glasses. Once you have seen this section, move on to L’Avenue des Lumieres by walking towards Indigo. Don’t miss the Z’Axe behind the Optometrist. Some of us are made weak by home novelty stores. Now make your way down the avenue towards Hotel Alt and the theater Star City. On the way, you will find Joe Fresh and HMV, among others. Finally, if you still have some shop in you, head down towards the highway for one last row to find Les Ailes Express. Now make your way back to your car and dump the bags because it’s time to relax, drink, and enjoy the burgeoning nightlife of Dix 30.

Wine and Dine

This is where Dix30 shines. With an easy dozen delicious restaurants, you will want to come back more often. Relative newcomer Sofia is a pizzeria and birreria that hangs their dried and imported meats proudly from their windows. The ambiance is warm but as the place is always packed, it can get loud with laughter and joyful conversation brought on by true wood-oven pizzas. Pizzas like the Calabrese and Diavola which use their extensive meat locker are sure winners.

9200 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B3
(450) 445-1005

However, if you enjoyed lunch and a drink at Mile earlier and want to change venue without changing the vibe too much, then Jack Saloon is for you. This cowboy themed pub brings some serious culinary variety. Enjoy their Cajun crusted Blue Marlin or Cup of beef with maple apples matched with an authentic Irish dark beer. If you are feeling more adventurous, try the marinated beets with blueberry mayo and goat cheese. There’s also a KrispyKreme Burger. We don’t know who eats them… but they exist.

9395 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard, QC J4Y 0A5
(450) 678-7979

Something Sweet

Dinner is done, and you did not want to commit to staying at the same place all night. Perhaps it’s time for some desert? La Fontana Gelati bar & lounge is a good choice. Located on the second floor of the big building next to Hotel Alt, the stylish dining area is a good place to grab a drink, coffee, or just some gelato. In the summer, a giant terrace opens up with a great view of the whole of Dix 30. It’s also a great place to wait out that transition between supper and nightlife (if there is such a thing).

6000 Boulevard de Rome #230, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B6
(450) 656-7776

On the other hand, if you ate light and want a more hearty desert, try Juliette & Chocolat. Walking past this restaurant without staring at their counter display full of mini chocolates, pots of fudgy caramel, and confectionary delights is nearly impossible. Don’t fight it; succumb to their thin crepes full of fruit, chocolate, or any other guilty pleasure one could imagine. (Food people, keep your mind out of the gutter!) This is a definite dessert destination.

9190 Boulevard Leduc suite 105, Brossard, QC, J4Y 0L1
(450) 678-5353

Take in a Show

If after the food, alcohol, and dessert, you feel like seeing something to entertain you, then Dix30 has the perfect pair of theaters. L’Etoile is a giant theater located next to the Alt Hotel. The bigger of the two, it hosts singers, comedians, plays, and more. Though they tend to be French, it attracts some truly quality acts such as Sugar Sammy, Mike Ward, and the Beatles Story. On the other hand, Le Club, a dinner club, is a cabaret style venue which transforms into a proper club on weekends. It does, however, have some interesting shows as well, such as Everything about Wine which lets spectators taste the wines as they are talked about. Who needs Nappa when all the wines are brought to your table? The list of shows can be found here.

L’Etoile: 6000 Boulevard de Rome, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B6
(450) 676-1030

Le Club: Suite 210, 9200 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard, QC J4Y 0L1
(450) 904-2580

If sitting in small seats and watching people is not quite what you are looking for, then why not try Cinema VIP? Take in the latest blockbuster in style! Each seat is like a leather couch and the leg room is probably big enough for Yao Ming. That said, there is also food, real food. VIP has a full menu of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and bbq’ed meats. Oh, and a fully licensed bar. And all of this is fully accessible while you are watching the movie with its wait staff stealthily creeping about the theater. Despite all this, there is one golden reason to choose VIP. It’s 18+. Oh yes. No more crying babies or young kids who snuck into a PG-13 movie because the attendants didn’t really care. Freedom!

9350 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B3
(450) 678-5542

Colourful Nightlife

Still not done? Neither is Dix30‘s offering. As we pointed out, Mile Public House and Jack’s Saloon are excellent late night choices for having drinks and chilling with friends. But if you are looking for a more traditional bar, then perhaps you want Commission des Liqueurs. Blaring music out of its small facade and windowed terrace, it is consistently packed with young people looking for… well maybe that’s better left to the imagination. It has its own DJ and regular crowd that is actually quite friendly and open to new faces.

9330 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B3
(450) 812-2838

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