Written by Erica Spina on 16.06.14

Prepare to be sore from laughing like a hyena, as Montreal invites you to its famous and hilarious summer festival. Just for Laughs is a well-known comedy festival that attracts people from all over and takes place every summer in Montreal. You can enjoy a variety of events such as galas, stand-up comedy, and street performances.

Andy Samberg is one of the most well-known and rising stars in comedy, having won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for writing and acting, respectively. He is the star of the television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and is famous for his skits on Saturday Night Live (SNL). You’ve probably also caught yourself singing along to his wacky musical parodies from his boy band the Lonely Island. This year, he is coming to Montreal and is the host of a comedy gala filled with the best stand-up comedians for Just for Laughs.

If you’re looking to laugh your socks off (well, maybe not socks since it’s July), check out Andy Samberg’s comedy gala at Just for Laughs on July 24, 2014.  Spend a night at Place-des-Arts with friends and loved ones and experience one of the best comedians in town.

The 2014 line-up for Just for Laughs is filled with so much talent that has never been put together before. Tickets are on sale here, between $45-$113, and the show starts at 10:00pm. The Just for Laughs Festival runs from July 9 to July 28, 2014, and Samberg is definitely on the must-watch list.

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