Written by Natasha Vincelli on 11.01.18

With award season on our heels, there is no better time for us to tell you about Les Lauriers de la Gastonomie Quebecoise happening in Spring 2018. It’s essentially the Oscars of the Quebec food scene!

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Les Lauriers’ first edition takes place in the new year with the goal of highlighting Quebec’s gastronomy and honouring those who work in the industry. We all know Montreal, in particular, has a bomb.com food scene. It’s crazy no one’s thought of this before. This recognition gala will be awarding not only chefs but everyone who is an integral part of the food and beverage industry, like sommeliers, mixologists, food producers, service, and even creative business initiatives! The goal is truly to show appreciation for the people who make the food scene in Quebec what it is. The event’s first ambassador is none other than our own Ricardo L’Arrivée, who agrees that this initiative is long overdue and truly believes that artists and contributors of the industry should be recognized for their indispensable work.

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Are you part of the gastronomy industry of Quebec? Visit lauriers.ca to put forward your candidacy! Know someone who deserves recognition for their hard work, talent, and creativity? Tell them all about the awards so that they have a chance to be nominated.

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From January 1st to February 2nd, candidates will be reviewed by the brigade made up of 500 professionals from all sectors of Quebec’s culinary landscape. Between February 12th and 23rd is the nominee selection by both the brigade and a jury committee. Following that are the nominee announcements, and finally, the laureate selection before the big gala on Sunday, April 15th.

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Find out all about the candidacy process, or even to be a part of the brigade at Lauriers.ca.

See a complete list of the 15 award categories below.

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Photos courtesy of N3 Production.

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