Written by Dara Larocque on 28.02.15

Hotel 10 is one of the chicest and most pet friendly hotels in the city. With its two distinct buildings, the historical Godin ‘Edifice’ and the more recent concrete addition, Hotel 10 is the perfect combination of cutting edge modernism and luxurious comfort.

Hotel 10 has been rated one of the ‘World Reader’s Choice’ by Condé Nast (2011) due to its minimalist modern decor individualized for each of the 136 guest rooms. Located right in the heart of downtown, this hotel is ideal for anyone looking to partake in Montreal’s legendary nightlife. Hotel 10 is minutes away from trendy bars and lounges on St Laurent such as Suwu, Buonanotte, and the Main’s one of a kind boutiques.


The hotel also is home to one of the many incredible nightclubs in the city: Blvd44. The nightclub is separated into three sections: the main room, the mezzanine, and the terrace. Because it is divided as such, Blvd44 tends to everyone’s needs with its trendy nightclub section containing classy V.I.P. booths, its bar with a relaxed atmosphere, and its terrace that exudes a quieter environment.

If something low key is more your speed, you can purchase a package with your room which includes a spa day at Le Scandinave Spa in Old Montreal. You can also enjoy the unique boutiques and art galleries lining St Laurent just a short walk away.


With Hotel 10’s amazing location, it’s easy to walk, bus, or metro to any of the city’s awesome destinations and trendy shopping locations. Hotel 10 also hosts personal and business events with catering and fully equipped presentation halls. Whatever the nature of your visit or stay, Hotel 10 is sure to accommodate all your needs and desires with its unique atmosphere and exclusive amenities. For more information or to make reservations, please visit their website.

10 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H2X 4C9
1 855-390-6787

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