Written by Jonathan Naccache on 01.02.14

Montreal is filled with worthy hotels. Put side by side, a winner hardly rises. However we can say that Hotel Chez Swann certainly makes the top list for uniqueness. The entire hotel is filled with attention to detail. Beauty and esthetics speak loudly on the priorities of the establishment. From the lobby to the bedroom you will find baroque designer furniture, art pieces, and a stylistic use of technology. Hotel Chez Swann is also smack in the center of Downtown Montreal, where it is rare to find such quality gems. If you want to feel like an eccentric and eclectic businessperson in a posh and funky environment, this is the hotel to try out. It is a small hotel, with 3 floors and about 20 quite large rooms. WIFI is complimentary and calls to anywhere in Canada and USA are also free of charge. One cool service the hotel offers is the in-room massage option. Lastly Chez Swann also holds a lounge/restaurant that is quite nice and in sync with the rest of the hotel.

1444 Drummond St, Montreal, QC H3G 1V9
(514) 842-7070

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