Written by Natasha Vincelli on 13.04.17

I love Tyler Madison (ILTM)

With the fast fashion industry getting ahead of us, there is no better time to be supporting local Canadian brands. I Love Tyler Madison is a clothing company designed and sourced in Canada using Canadian materials. Sister co-owners, Charna Zucker and Jaqueline Harris, say their company is named after their two rescue dogs Taylor and Madison. As such, not only is this brand Canadian but 100% cruelty free and vegan!

ILTM Fall Fashion Launch (1)

But their fashion line does not suffer as a result; their faux suede and faux leather pants look and feel beautifully stylish. As sisters that #adoptdontshop, they proudly support the SPCA and ASPCA.

ILTM Fall Fashion Launch (13

The best part, if this brand isn’t already everything you want in your clothes and more, is that their bottoms are all pull on! That means, no buttons, no zippers, no buckles or any other nonsense that makes you drip sweat in the clothing store changing room. But just because something is pull on doesn’t mean it needs to resemble your pyjama bottoms.

ILTM Fall Fashion Launch (4)

ILTM is designing stylish clothing for the everyday working gal. ILTM perfectly blends comfort with style to make sure women feel confident, but most importantly comfortable in their second skin!


Montreall.com had a chance to get a sneak peek at the Sosken FW2017 collection, designed by a Canadian team and definitely with Canadians in mind. We had a chance to speak with designer Marisa Minicucci, who said the theme behind the fall line is… layers! And boy do we love layers in Montreal.

Sosken Fall Fashion Launch (6) [NV]

This “spring”, if we can even call it that, has been a fashion nightmare. You leave with your winter coat, and midday you’re sweating. Or the alternative, you leave with a sweater because of the deceptive sunlight, and boom, snow in the afternoon.

Sosken Fall Fashion Launch (4)

Sosken has designed their fall line with all those terrible moments in mind. You can piece together a wonderful layered ensemble with any mix of their coat linings, thin outer coat, fur coat, fur vests… any combination! Even though summer is on the way, we know these turbulent weather patterns are part and parcel of our fall, so check out Sosken’s fall line and be prepared!

Sosken Fall Fashion Launch (5) [NV]

Photos courtesy of I Love Taylor Madison, Sosken, and Natasha Vincelli (@dash_of_tash).

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