Written by Gemma Cocomello on 27.09.17

No matter what the weather or time of year in Montreal, one thing is very clear: we love our coffee! Not just the actual consumption, but going out and experiencing new places where we can enjoy a nice cup of hot or cold caffeinated heaven. There’s something extra special about going to local cafes versus the big chain brands and a great place we need to tell you about is Noble Café.

Noble Cafe Exterior 1

Located in the Plateau Mont Royal area on Laurier street (corner Rivard), this small and adorable café has only been open a couple of years but it’s already proving to be a popular go-to joint for Montrealers. Open year-round, Noble is the perfect place to get a caffeine and dessert fix. Noble is very small and a true example of a hidden gem! Attached to homes and a few steps away from Laurier metro, you’ll recognize it thanks to its huge take out window.

noble cafe coffee shop montreal 3

They don’t have indoor seating but have a lovely exterior set-up that’s always packed with clients and people watchers. Perfect way to brush up on your social skills and make new friends who clearly enjoy the same great taste in cafes as you do. They have quite a selection of hot and cold coffees and teas that go for $2.50-$4.50. They also have decaf and non-dairy options so you vegans or lactose intolerants can rest easy.

Noble Ice Cream Float 1

While their coffees are delicious, you have to accompany them with one of Noble’s sweet treats! They have homemade soft and scoop ice creams but if you really want something delectable, you have to try their ice cream sandwiches! Filled with vanilla ice cream at a cost of $3.25, you just have to make the difficult choice between brownie or cookie dough (or both!).

noble cafe coffee shop montreal 2

Another star on Noble’s menu is their ice cream and coffee floats ($4.25-$5.25), the perfect treat for anyone who’s craving both ice cream and coffee. No longer will you have to choose! Delicious soft vanilla ice cream coated in coffee; you just may want to go out and grab one for yourself after reading this! Your friends will be jealous and wonder where the heck did you get that once they see your photos!

noble cafe coffee shop montreal

Please do yourself a favour and check out Noble Café. Whether you’re in the area or not, the visit will be worth it and you’ll definitely want to keep going back to try and re-try their entire menu. They’re open Monday to Friday from 7am-6pm, Saturday from 8am-8pm, and Sunday from 8:30am-7pm. Street and metered parking is available but you can also easily get there by public transport.

Noble Cafe Exterior 2

430 Laurier Ave E, Montreal, QC H2J 1E5
(514) 656-7630

Photos by Gemma Cocomello (@a_broads_life), Noble Café, and Montreal Food Divas (@mtlfooddivas).

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