Written by Jonathan Naccache on 28.01.14

Ambience: Classy, gatsby, antique, authentic.
Must-have: A bowl of café au lait.
Why: Because a ‘’Café’’ out of Paris, in Montreal, is a must.
Tip: Visit on a warm sunny day and relish the terrace.

La Croissanterie Figaro is a charming café in a lovely neighborhood called Outremont. It reminds us that it’s not always about the food; that individuality and character truly form the basic and fundamental makeup of a restaurant. Nearly every decorative item in the restaurant has been imported from Paris by the charismatic owner M. Charmant, and holds some antique attribute to it. And yes, if you do speak French, we did say ‘’charismatic’’ and ‘’M. Charmant’’, both are accurate. The attention to detail is perceivable from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, a true pleasure to the eye.

We strongly suggest picking a nice sunny day for your first experience in order to appreciate the terrace, bounded and delimited by flowers. Follow up with a bowl of café au lait and a mushroom and goat cheese feuilleté (puff), and inaugurate the start of a good day.

Like the site states, Le Figaro is truly ‘’un petit coin perdu de Paris’’ (Le Figaro, in some lost corner of Paris).

5200 Rue Hutchison, Montréal, QC H2V 4B3
(514) 278-6567

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