Written by Gemma Cocomello on 04.09.15

This September, Saint-Denis Street will be seeing red with the celebration of apple season and the arrival of La Grande Terrasse Rouge. Saint-Denis Street is already a lively street filled with bars, restaurants, and shops, so why not add a kilometer long terrace to make it even more exciting! If you’re not familiar with this popular street or don’t frequent it often, there’s no better time to explore it than now.

Photo: Gemma Cocomello (@gem_stone84)

La Grande Terrasse Rouge is hard to miss. As the name promises, Saint-Denis is lined with red painted sidewalks and wood panels between Roy and Mount-Royal. When walking on Saint-Denis, you’ll want to take your time and read the beautiful quotes painted on the sidewalks. Just make sure you keep your head up to see all the great businesses at your disposal. The apple theme is everywhere and you’ll be tempted to take a bite out of all the action. Celebrations never stop here in Montreal. While we can moan and groan with summer coming to an end, La Grande Terrasse Rouge reminds us that the fun doesn’t have to stop with the arrival of the F word – Fall!

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Events will be going on every week from Thursday to Sunday during the month of September. The first weekend celebrations from September 4th until the 6th begin with tasty treats with the Verger Saint-Denis. Nothing says fall more than apples. During the Verger Saint-Denis, you’ll have many ways to enjoy them! Instead of just consuming apple juice, why not make your own! Four handcraft presses will be displayed on Saint-Denis so you can make freshly squeezed apple juice from scratch (1 liter per person). For those who want a little more kick, make sure to try some great apple cider. Saint-Denis restaurants and bars serve nothing but the best local brands, so one glass is simply not enough.

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No Montreal event would be complete without good food and La Grande Terrasse Rouge is no exception. Many restaurants, cafes, and bakeries have designed exclusive “menu du verger” menus at incredible prices and all meals include apples. If you’re not a big fan of apples, a great way to get into the festivities is to try an apple cupcake from D’Liche bakery. Let’s face it, everything tastes better in a cupcake.

Photo: Gemma Cocomello (@gem_stone84)

After the food and drinks come the fun! La Grande Terrasse Rouge will be filled with entertainment and live shows to delight your ears. An event for all the senses! Click here for the events calendar and view the endless menu options.

How do you like them apples?

Photos courtesy of Verger St Denis, unless otherwise indicated.

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