Written by Julia D'Adamo on 14.02.18

Montreal is a city that absolutely bursts at the seams with a passion for hockey. The sound of kids and adults alike skating outdoor rinks with a stick in hand is a defining part of our winters. To fuel our hockey spirits, the WRG Classic, sponsored by Lululemon, is back for its fifth winter. The WRG Classic is a hockey festival for the whole family to enjoy in the Sud-Ouest sector of Montreal.

WRG 20s Fashion 2

This lively hockey tournament will include four teams with a lineup of all-star Montreal community members. International DJ Jojo Flores will be competing, as well as Kevin Demers, the owner of Montreal’s premium cocktail bar The Cold Room. Spectators can come and watch all three games being played throughout the day to cheer on their favourites… for FREE!

WRG Players in Action

This isn’t just your run-of–the-mill hockey tournament. The players will all be dressed to the nines in classic 1920’s fashion. You know what that means: waistcoats, bow-ties, cloche hats, the whole shebang. Think the Great Gatsby meets Montreal Hockey Culture. However, players aren’t the only ones having all the fun. One lucky spectator can win the Best Dressed Award for sporting their best 20s attire as well.

WRG 20s Fashion

A hockey tournament wouldn’t be complete without some tourney snacks, and the WRG Classic has got you covered. There will be a variety of the tastiest food trucks patrolling with chow for purchase. From the tournament’s traditional fresh oysters to Montreal’s staple bagels & lox, there will be eats for every palate. Of course, there will also be hearty soups, hot cocoa, and fresh coffee to help beat the winter chills. For the grown-ups, a beer garden will be serving up brews a’plenty.

WRG Hockey Players

Throughout the day, there will also be plenty of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. When the tournament wraps up, everyone is welcome to hit the rink for the free skate at 2:30pm, but before that happens there will be a live concert, fire pit, and so much more. There will also be a WRG X Lululemon pop up shop to score some customized WRG swag.

WRG Spectator

Most importantly, this tournament is helping out a marvelous cause for Quebec youth. The WRG foundation aims to support local schools and youth centers across the province. Hockey is something that brings Montrealers together, and the WRG foundation helps ensure the next generation gets to feel that love for the game as well. A portion of the proceeds from the Classic will go towards this amazing foundation.

WRG 20s Hockey Player

Lace up your skates and tape up your stick, because the WRG Classic will be at Parc Ignace-Bourget this Saturday, February 17th starting at 9am. Don’t forget your cash, slash, and 20s fash.

Avenue Newman, Montréal, QC H4E 2V6
(514) 872-0311

Photos courtesy of WRG Classic.

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