Written by Erica Spina on 08.08.14

When in Montreal, do like the Parisians. Bisto Le CinQ is a wonderful replica of a bistro in Paris. Located in downtown Montreal, Le CinQ took over the famed 1234 nightclub.

Le CinQ has both indoor and outdoor seating. The terrace resembles the cafés in Paris: an intimate seating area, with wooden, woven chairs. Decorated with chandeliers, it is a great option for a nice summer night, a date, or drinks and nibbles with a few friends.

Indoors, the ambiance is set with red lighting. The décor is a red and black motif with velvet couches that ooze comfort. The ceiling is reminiscent of French royalty apartments, with beautiful gold and blue details. You’ll feel like you’re in an ancient manor, which is in fact what the building itself was meant to be.

Le CinQ is really a one-stop spot. Besides being a bistro and a bar, there is also the Le CinQ nightclub, which took over 1234 nightclub. They are one of the only clubs that have two different rooms, on two opulently decorated floors, playing different music so that they can cater to all of their clientele. Whether you like house music or hip hopLe CinQ‘s DJs have you covered. What’s better than pre-gaming with your friends on a Saturday night for dinner and drinks, and then just walking over to the club without ever having to change location? Saturday nights are Le CinQ nightclub’s happening night, so make sure you add it to your evening’s itinerary.

Besides the French flare (including the waiters, who all seem to be from Paris), what does Bistro Le CinQ have to offer? The menu is comprised of both sophisticated and casual dishes.

For a fresh and light starter, the Tenderized Wagyu Beef Carpaccio ($16) is a perfect choice. Served with marinated pear, Parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette, it is a perfect combination of salty and sweet.

For themains you have a variety of meat, fish, and pasta to choose from. The Kobe beef burger ($19) is a great choice, served with cheddar l’ile aux grues, tomato confit, and arugula. The burger is juicy and the meat is thick, so it is not recommended for anyone who is afraid of getting a little dirty. If you want to stick to fresh and lightdishes, then the Pesto Pasta ($16) is another delicious option. Fresh pesto pasta (green pasta is always a pleasant surprise) served with cherry tomatoes and Parmesan shavings have you feeling like you’re eating the Italian flag

There is also the option of choosing from their bar menu, which is a list of smaller fun dishes, like mini burgers, calamari, fish and chips, and tartare.

For dessert, the options are tantalizing. Chocolate lovers, listen up: the Juste Chocolat ($8) is your only choice. A small ball of chocolate heaven, this dessert is made up of a chocolate mousse atop a cacao cookie, filled with creamy chocolate and topped with white chocolate shavings.

Whether you are considering a classy, casual, intimate, or group dinner, Bistro Le CinQ can accommodate you. With satisfaction guaranteed, you’ll have an amazing experience from dinner to drinks.

1234 Rue de la Montagne, Montréal, QC H3G 1Z1
(514) 395-1111

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