Written by Lexa Naguib on 03.02.14

Grillcheeserie? Can this be real? It can indeed! Lapin Pressé is one of the Plateau’s many hidden gems and your go-to for one of everyone’s favourite comfort foods. At Lapin Pressé, grilled cheese takes on a whole new meaning, a creative and delicious one. Lapin Pressé’s ever-changing menu typically consists of a variety of five grilled cheeses per day. Some of their best sandwiches include the raclette & bacon, goat cheese & dates and gruyere & onion, all served on crispy pressed bread. If you like rabbit, try the St-Paulin with lapin confit. Their lattes (that often come with a surprise design in the foam) and espressos are also excellent, made with coffee beans from Montreal’s Saint-Henri Specialty Roasters. While the café is small, it has a certain je ne sais quoi; an inviting and comfortable charm. They also have free Wi-Fi, so you can eat while you work or study. Whether you’re in a rush (pun intended) and need to pick up some lunch or simply looking to try something new, head to Lapin Pressé and treat yourself to some deliciously innovative grilled cheese!

1309 Avenue Laurier Est, Montreal, QC H2J 1H4
(514) 903-3555

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