Written by Stephania Saridakis on 26.06.14

Weekday mornings at  Humble Lion consist of the constant hissing sound of the coffee machine amidst the chitter chatter of clientele. One of the owners, Jason, claims that the café calms down as soon as people start to head off to work, and so it does. By 10:30am there’s a wave of silence in this quaint little café, the kind of silence that charms you.

Most of the interior is made up of used recycled materials and salvaged pieces of furniture that have been slightly altered. Notice the bowling alley counter top next time you pay a visit.

The layout is well balanced by a few tables with conveniently placed outlets for a student-friendly environment. Students do tend to spend the entire day occupying the space from time to time but it doesn’t slow down the influx of people constantly walking in and out all day. A well crafted beverage does tends to attract people.

Humble Lion uses high quality roasts from Intelligentsia, which without a doubt results in tasty lattes. But you can also thank the well-trained staff who are also qualified and knowledgeable in the art of coffee.

Like most independent coffee owners in Montreal, Jason always had a strong  passion for coffee and quit his previous job to eventually open up a place of his own.

“Taking care of a café is like taking care of a person. It always needs something. I have never worked so hard in my life. But I’m not working, if you know what I mean.”

Aside from caffeinated beverages, Humble Lion also serves a variety of teas and a creamy hot chocolate, perfect for colder weather. Savoury goods delivered daily from Godley & Crème are baked on the premises and are always the perfect snack for those seeking something to compliment their lattes.

Great ambiance, perfectly pulled espresso, and jovial service make Humble Lion one of Montreal’s best.

904 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC H3A 3R8
(514) 844-5466


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