Written by Dahlia Merlo on 15.10.15

Old Montreal is swarming with restaurants, and sometimes it’s difficult to pick out the tourist traps from the really delicious ones. One great spot to add to your tourist-in-your-own-city list is Modavie. They recently threw an incredible soirée to launch their newly renovated space and their collaboration with Université de Montréal’s jazz program.

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Modavie is a jazz bar with live jazz and blues seven days a week. Their collaboration with Université de Montréal’s jazz program means that new musicians from the university will be playing at Modavie twice a month. The spot is perfect for jazz and blues aficionados or simply for patrons looking to elevate their musical palate.

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The event included a wine tasting with exquisite imported wines (did we mention they’re also a wine bar? Could they get any better?) that you wished you could buy a case of at the SAQ. At least you know that Modavie is sure to carry them!

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They also highlighted Gentleman’s Jack at the bar, creating potent but flavourful signature cocktails. Our favourite was the New Yorker (even those who aren’t Jack Daniel’s fans will enjoy it!).

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They brought out tantalizing bites of their menu items and we were swooning. The lamb burger sliders with goat cheese and olive were moist and delectable, making it very difficult to have just one (we definitely had at least three… well at least that’s when we stopped counting).

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The lamb chops were another favourite of the evening. No one cared that they had to eat them with their hands; they were that good! The crostinis with smoked salmon and crème fraîche were a delightful fresh bite to contrast the other meatier options.

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To top it off, Nicolina Servello, master food stylist in Montreal, created a stunning (and mouthwatering) charcuterie and cheese spread. We wouldn’t blame anyone if they spent the whole event in front of that table, filling and refilling their plate (we say this because we were those people…).

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Modavie is a great restaurant for a night out any day of the week, whether with friends or a romantic evening for two. Their live jazz and blues guarantees you incredible and sophisticated entertainment, and their food will impress and fuel the dinner conversation (or maybe impede it, because who really talks all that much when the food is THAT good?).

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Photos courtesy of Modavie.

1 Rue Saint Paul O, Montréal, QC H2Y 1Y6
(514) 287-9582

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