Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 29.03.17

Charles Hix, a man who shaped what men’s fashion would be in the early 80’s, famously said “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” We could not agree more! And so, when Suitsupply, a worldwide name in providing both stylish off the rack jackets and all-around custom suits, announced they were coming to Montreal, well we men of Montreall.com were positively giddy. So often the experience of buying a suit is a tedious hour or two affair with men who should have retired some years ago. Suitsupply is thankfully different in its modern approach to men’s fashion.

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When you drop into Suitsupply, it is immediately obvious that the kind of suit or jacket you will find is not the stuffy old standard fare of other chains. The jackets on display are as varied and as stylish as can be. The gorgeous three floor building, located at 2152 de la Montagne, is packed with beautiful and stylish examples that you can just pick off the racks. Each floor is nicely laid with ample seating in case you’re planning to go with that friend that can just never quite make up his mind.

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The walls are interspersed either with art and mirrors or racks of all the suit essentials: shirts, trousers, ties, shoes, and bags. Interestingly, the jackets, our clear favourite and their signature item, are all either $429 or $529. For the quality you will find, that is quite the deal.

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However, the obvious attraction here is the ability to custom order your entire suit. Sure, it will run you a cool $689 for the jacket alone, but is there anything that makes a man look better than a custom ordered tailored suit? Not that we know of. And the possibilities! Oh the possibilities! Suitsupply actually sports over 85 kinds of fabrics for jackets in six basic cuts. Not only that, but you can also order a custom shirt from more than 30 fabrics and customizable collars, cuffs, and monograms. The $129 you’ll spend on that is about the same you might pay for a non-custom shirt somewhere else. Not only can you order it in-store and have it tailored on the spot, but if you are lucky enough to have a standard body size, why not just have it shipped right to your door with free shipping?

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All things considered, we are elated that Suitsupply has chosen Montreal for their second expansion location in Canada. With them around, we will have a wash of men looking even better than before. It would be about time considering how beautiful the women of Montreal are known to be. Maybe in our new custom tailored suits, we will be the handsome men of Montreal.

2152 rue de la Montagne, Montréal,  QC  H3G 1Z7
(514) 612-5292

Photos courtesy of Suitsupply.

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