Written by Lexa Naguib on 28.01.14

Electronic music has seen a massive increase in popularity over the past few years. To Montrealers, electronic is more than a music genre; it has become an uncontainable passion and for many, a lifestyle. Check out our guide for electronic music festivals held in the city.

Igloofest (January – February)

Held in a snowy village setting in the Old Port, Igloofest is a one of a kind electronic music experience. For the past seven years, brilliant DJs from here and abroad have graced Montrealers with their presence at Igloofest, spinning an array of house, techno, EDM and more. Last year’s edition welcomed DJs from all around Europe including Germany, Russia and the UK. The lineup this year includes Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Matthew Dear, Skream and many more. To see the full line up, go to their website.

Bal en Blanc (April 20)

This year will mark the 20th edition of White Party Week, the electronic music event of the season formerly known as Bal en Blanc. Bal en Blanc is without a doubt the wildest rave of the year. Held at Palais des Congrès, Bal en Blanc brings us the very best of House, Trance and Techno time and time again. Confirmed DJs for the 2014 edition include some of the biggest names in the electro music scene such as Hardwell, Carl Cox and Dyro, who will now display their talents on three different arenas. Stay tuned to discover the full line up; go here to learn more.

Piknic Electronik (May – September)

Electro enthusiasts know that Piknic Electronik is the place to be on Sunday afternoons. All summer long, Parc Jean Drapeau invites electronic music lovers to spend their Sundays in the outdoors listening to a range of electro music styles, dancing in the sunlight and ending their weekend in style. These crazy weekend parties have become so wildly popular that last year, they decided to take Piknik Electronik to Barcelona. Don’t miss out on the fun this summer; for more information, go here.

MUTEK International Festival (May 28 – June 1)

MUTEK is an avant-garde international festival that celebrates digital creativity and electronic music. At MUTEK, you can take part in a truly unique experience in listening to innovative electronic music by amazing artists who push the boundaries of electro by manipulating sounds and creating new genres. Needless to say, MUTEK moves away from the mainstream in all respects. This year, MUTEK is joining forces with the Elektra Festival to bring Montrealers an event they will not forget. To learn more, go on their website.

MEG Montreal (July)

MEG Montreal is a celebration of diversity in electronic music. MEG, which stands for Montreal Electronic Groove, brings us a wide array of artists, most of which are from Montreal, who produce music that certainly fits the electro genre… but not really. At this unique festival, you are able to discover truly edgy styles like Punk Electro, Hip Hop Electro, Indie Electro and more. Don’t miss MEG Boat, a crazy party that takes place on the Saint Lawrence River. Visit their site to learn more.

Kinetik (May)

Kinetik is an underground music festival that promotes the Electro, Industrial, Hardcore and Noise genres. At Kinetik, you can discover the rebellious and non-mainstream side of electronic body music (EBM), which you don’t get to see at other electro music festivals. Last year, the weekend long festival featured a variety of underground artists, including Suicide Commando, Terrorkraft and Ayria. Further information is available here.

Black and Blue (October)

Brought to us by the Bad Boy Club Montreal (BBCM) Foundation which celebrates the gay community and gay culture, the Black & Blue Festival is back this year for a twenty-fourth edition. At Black & Blue, you can enjoy House and Trance music from both local and international DJs. Last year, DJs flew in from Spain, Tokyo, NYC, Amsterdam and many other places to spin at this one of a kind festival. To learn more about BBCM and the Black & Blue Festival, go on their website.

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