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If you have ever visited or lived in Montreal you understand it is unique, special and more than a bit quirky. If you asked 20 people what is so grand about Montreal, you will probably get a dozen different answers. Stranger still, they are probably all accurate.

Montreal is fine art, historical buildings, gourmet food, and music. The people of Montreal are laid back and relaxed. They sip coffee while enjoying warm summer days at French-style sidewalk cafes. Everywhere they look, old meets new, bigger is better, and life is diversified. This is evident when you look to Casino de Montreal.

Expo 67

In 1967 the World’s Fair was held in Montreal. To date, it is considered the most successful World’s Fair of the 20th century. The “Universal and International Exhibition,” was the highlight of Canada’s Centennial celebrations in 1967.

The grounds of the World’s Fair site is now a large park for the public to enjoy. It is named Parc Jean-Drapeau in honor of the former mayor who served from 1954 to 1957 and again from 1960 to 1986. People attribute the success of the architectural designs to Mayor Drapeau’s vision for Montreal. During his time in office, the World’s Fair was not the only massive attraction. Montreal also welcomed the world to the city for the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Canada de Montreal

The famous geodesic dome structure was commissioned by the United States government. It served as the American Pavilion for the Expo 67.

Today the beautiful and unique landmark is the site of Canada’s largest casino. Canada de Montreal is so much more than a gambling hall. While Canada de Montreal features world-class slots, video games, table games, and games of chance, it has other features that adults in Montreal have come to expect.

Canada de Montreal features international superstars in the entertainment industry. Live music, dancing, and drinks are plentiful. It features casual restaurants, but also gourmet restaurants with a view that is second to none. There are plenty of options when it comes to hotels near the casino. Book reservations for luxury suites, or enjoy any one of several moderately priced hotels for a fun weekend with friends.


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Online gambling options

Canada de Montreal offers internet gambling for customers who want to enjoy a quieter experience while playing your favorite games. However, offshore casinos such as Lottoland is a strong competitor.

Lottoland offers all the games featured in a domestic casino. Lottoland takes it a bit further. Lottoland is licensed and insured as the law requires. One of the most popular attractions in Lottoland Canada is the lottery.

When a person plays the lottery with Lottoland they can choose any lottery from anywhere in the world. They can take advantage of the grand prizes that accumulate in the lotto. Customers can play Mega Millions, Powerball, or state lotteries from the USA. The tickets and cards look identical to the tickets at the place of origin. The prizes are matched, and the experience is the same. However, you are not betting on the lottery, you are betting on the results of the lotto. If your selections hit, Lottoland pays you. Smaller wagers are paid by Lottoland and large purses are insured as the law requires. Lottoland owns the insurance company, so you are sure to receive your funds. Sports events and races are also part of the Lottoland menu.

There are customer service agents online to help you or to answer questions 24/7. You can select games with a live dealer if it makes your experience better.


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Enjoying the fun and beauty of the casino is a wonderful way to celebrate and decompress. With excitement in the air and the options of shows, food, and music you are sure to have a good time. But, if you want to hang out with some friends and want to place a few bets with your smartphone or tablet, Lottoland may be perfect for you at the moment.

There are countless reasons to visit Canada. There is something for everyone in Montreal. But, if you just don’t want to take the trip, enjoy some good times online.