Written by Dahlia Merlo on 19.07.18

The fast-casual trend is here to stay in Montreal, and now Laval, with new delicious spots opening up all over. The latest: Over Rice is all about rotisserie meats served over, you guessed it, rice! The concept was inspired by the NYC street food carts. A lot of those carnivorous carts started when muslim cab drivers discovered a lack of carts catering to them, so they started their own Halal food carts to serve their community, and later, everyone else.

over rice montreal laval restaurant 1

Two best friends, Hussein Karaki dnd Ghassan Safi, started Over Rice as a sort of hommage to the classic NYC food carts. And they’re definitely excited about this new venture. We attended their opening event and were very impressed with what they had to offer.

over rice montreal laval restaurant

What we quickly learned is that the fast-food aspect of the restaurant did not in any way sacrifice the quality of the food served. They are definitely going to give some other big name chains a run for their money.

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On the menu, they have gyro, greek style, with a mix of beef (80%) and lamb (20%), chicken with a homemade marinade, and falafels as a vegetarian option. Get these in a wrap with all the fixins’ or else in a bowl, over rice of course.

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The pitas are packed to the brim with the delicious ingredients. You can choose to get one protein or, better yet, get a mix of two! The meat is juicy and tender and wrapped in a thick and flavourful pita. This pita dish will definitely not disappoint!

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If you choose the bowl version, once again you can get a mix of meats. They serve it with two different flavour rices, which is a step above the bland white rice we’ve grown accustomed to at these kinds of restaurants (we actually usually ask for no rice, cuz what’s the point?). They have a saffron ginger rice and a dill rice, and they also serve the bowl with a choice of two salads. It’s honestly delicious, not to mention mega filling.

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We chose a dish with a mix of two meats, with a couple of falafels on the side, just to try. The falafels were two bites of wonderful flavour, the perfect snack. Also on the menu, a poutine! You can get it with gyro, chicken, or classic. The fries are crispy and the gravy is on point.

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Another special treat at Over Rice is their choice of sauces. They have a huge variety, like their hot sauce, house sauce, sweet sauce (with dill), curry, BBQ, and more. You can add it to your bowl, your pita, and even your poutine (we highly recommend you do). We fell in love with the house sauce. We’d put that shit on anything!

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If you’re really feeling hungry (and brave), we suggest you attempt the Kong Bowl. It’s basically a mix of everything on the menu, and it’s ginormous. Think an entire baking dish piled high with meat, rice, salads, fries, and falafels. If you manage to eat it in 40 minutes, you’ll forever be enshrined in their wall of fame. We saw a group of 3 attempt to devour it, but they were not up to the challenge. Maybe next time!

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For dessert, churros. But not just any churros. Churros with ice cream and chocolate drizzle. Your dreams have come to reality, and your prayers have been answered. This was delicious. A must for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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If you’re in Laval and looking for a quick and delicious bite, head on over to Over Rice! And lucky for us Montrealers, we are getting our very own location on St Denis mid August! Hooray!

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2159 Boulevard Curé-Labelle, Laval, QC H7T 1R3
(450) 686-3229

Photos by Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii) and Over Rice Restaurant. 

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