Written by Jonathan Naccache on 04.02.14

Ambience: Earthy, bio, cozy, appeasing
Why: Healthy food can be just as tasty
Must-have: Bombay sandwich, fresh juice, fattouch, stuffed vine leaves
Tip: Give every sandwich a chance

Omnivore is a Mediterranean restaurant unlike any other. Inspired by the health and wholesomeness governing Mediterranean cuisine, Omnivore has simultaneously decided to revolutionize it and has fused numerous other cultures and flavors to the mix with an emphasis on flavor. They haven’t stopped there, as all their ingredients are fully biological, made in Quebec, antibiotic free and growth hormone free. Their menu satisfies vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Try the Samac sandwich (fish and pesto), Bombay (chicken and pineapple chutney), and Beirut (beef and tahini) at only $5.50 per sandwich, each freshly grilled to perfection on a maple coal grill, over the counter, and for everyone to see. Do not miss out on their fresh juice selections. Warning, they might taste very different to some, but let it be known these are the healthiest juices around. Omnivore’s staff is warm and welcoming as well as helpful, don’t hesitate to ask questions and be adventurous as you won’t regret it. Definitely a must for the Mediterranean and health avid.

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