Written by Alex Spina on 29.05.17

There is something about fresh food that makes everybody feel good. The city of Montreal is thriving in the restaurant environment and we are always finding new places to enjoy, but it’s sometimes hard to maintain a healthy diet while sampling all that deliciousness. Frais & Fresh brings us fresh ingredients, with 70% of their menu being organic.

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As you enter, a beautiful and modern open kitchen greets you. We felt as if we were walking into someone’s home, as it was clean and refreshing. Frais & Fresh focuses on quality and freshness as the majority of their menu comes from local farms and is organically produced, highlighting the natural flavours from their products.

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Located on 48 Rue McGill, in Old Montreal, it is the perfect place to stop by for a quick, fresh lunch or dinner. As they are a new restaurant, they are only open weekdays from 10am to 6pm, which will change through the summer!

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The menu is short as it consists of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups, yet we promise you that everything is unique and delicious. They also have an in seasonal poke bowl in which the ingredients consistently change; in right now, smoked salmon with an assortment of fresh vegetables.

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We started off with their butternut squash soup topped with harissa-pumpkin seeds. The soup was thick and sweet and was brought to life by the spicy pumpkin seeds. They also had a parsnip and purple corn soup, which was their twist on the natural cream of corn; of course the sweetness of the purple corn added another element of comfort. Frais & Fresh constantly change their soups, as there are 10 to choose from. You can also take them home and save them for later.

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Next we had their chicken and mango wrap which is a must order! Their chicken is fresh and is seasoned minimally as the quality and freshness of the chicken is what they focus on. The mango is sweet and adds another element of flavour, but what really brings this wrap together is their couscous. They infuse the Couscous with beet juice, which is incredible. They do this by cooking the couscous in the juices that they use to boil the beats, adding all the flavors from the beats to the texture of a couscous. Finally, all this is put together inside a red pepper wrap.

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If you love your greens, you’re in luck! Their salads are absolutely enormous! As meat is not everyone’s first choice as added protein, you may choose to try their tempeh. A soybean mixture marinated in their house marinade cut into thin slices tops off your salad with delicious flavour. All of the vegetables in the salad are extremely fresh, as every bite takes over your palate. Once again, there was their famous couscous, this time cooked with carrots. Even the tomatoes exploded in your mouth!

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So if you are looking for a healthy alternative with popular super foods and delicious flavours, Frais & Fresh has got to be your next stop.

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48 McGill St, Montreal, QC H2Y
(514) 843-3338

Photos by Alex Spina (@kitchen__121) and Frais & Fresh.

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