Written by Stephania Saridakis on 24.03.14

A lot of us are accustomed to a morning routine where we stop at a local café or bakery and grab our beverages and croissants to go. What if we told you there was a service where bakers would deliver fresh, warm croissants and pastries to your door in the morning?

This is the type of delivery service that young entrepreneur Jakub Szrodt has created with Régal Matinal. All you have to do is visit Régal Matinal’s website before midnight to place your order. Pick an available delivery time and then wait for your doorbell to ring. Sounds easy right? That’s because it is.

Jakub Szrodt is winning over Montrealers one household at a time, personally delivering items to residents and offices, fully clothed in a bakers uniform and toque. Among the perfectly flaky croissants, you can also order chocolatines, baguettes and jams or even try one of everything and opt for a box full of assorted mini pastries. There’s a very personal and warm touch to this delivery service, which makes Régal Matinal different than any other competitor.

After talking with Jakub, it was clear that he has big plans for Régal Matinal and his little bakers, “I want Régal Matinal to be a part of Montreal’s pastry culture, to be in each café and in every neighbourhood”.  Looks like he isn’t wasting much time either as you can already find his croissants on the counters of Kitsuné Espresso Bar and Café Terra.

Originally only delivering goods in Outremont and surrounding areas, Régal Matinal has since expanded to the center of Montreal offering a free delivery service with a minimum purchase amount depending on your location.

Order fresh pastries here

What better way to start off your day?  Bon appétit!

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