Written by Melanie Gervasi on 03.02.14

Rotisserie Romados is a walk-in Portuguese restaurant located on Rachel Street and is known for their excellent, specialty Portuguese chicken. Portuguese grilled chicken is renowned for it’s particular preparation method, flattened and roasted on a spit. Romado’s not only handles every piece with diligence, but they also have multiple spits roasting a vast quantity of chicken all at once. Their cooks stand behind a counter, hard at work serving an endless lineup of people. Once your order is taken, your food is served within minutes and in heaps right before being placed in a styrofoam plate. If you’re really in rush, you can simply pre-order by phone.

We highly recommend their specialty Portuguese chicken dish combo. Every ounce of their grilled chicken is seasoned to perfection and is absolutely delectable. All meal portions are enormous, topped with a mountain of deliciously spiced French fries and fresh mixed salad and rice. The heaping portions of food are more than affordable. Their dishes typically range between $7.75 and $9.75. Customers have the option to add spiciness to their chicken and can ask for a choice of two sauces on their chicken and fries: Romados’ special homemade Piri-Piri sauce in either spicy or regular form.

Assortments of Portuguese baked goods are also available like the Pasteis de Nata, a delightful and flaky egg tart pastry filled with custard. Fresh baked loaves of bread can also be purchased in small and large quantities, as well as Swartz’s rye bread and corn bread.

115 Rue Rachel Est, Montréal, QC H2W 1C8
(514) 849-1803 ‎

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