Written by Gemma Cocomello on 27.10.16

The month of October gives us a lot of great things like beautiful fall foliage, Halloween, and pumpkin spice, to name a few. It’s also a good time to shop for cool clothes, update your wardrobe, and swap sexy summer wear for comfortable (but still classy) attire. Nouveau Noir Boutique, located on Montreal’s iconic Crescent street, is the perfect stop for all your shopping needs. The best part about shopping here is not only because of their amazing selection, but also because, for the entire month of October, you’ll be shopping for a great cause as well.


We love small business success stories and Nouveau Noir Boutique is that indeed. Three best friends with their own unique sense of style and a shared dream opened up this swanky store back in 2014. They’ve now become a staple in the Montreal shopping scene and attract clients from every borough. These ladies know what women want when it comes to fashion and they know how to make their customers feel proud and confident with their purchases.


During the month of October, Nouveau Noir Boutique will host a clothing drive in which all donations will be going to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation. What makes this organization great is the way they promote confidence and self esteem to children who really need it most. The things we take for granted, like the simplest piece of clothing, can easily brighten up a young girl’s day.


To make the drive even better, you’ll get 1% off of any in store purchase when you donate 1 piece of clothing, with a minimum of 5 items. If you donate 20 articles, Nouveau Noir will offer you a 20% (maximum) discount! Everyone gains something great thanks to this drive! Drop by Nouveau Noir Boutique now with your donations; you’ll not only make someone else happy, but you’ll feel the same in return. Click here for more information on the store and to browse their amazing collection. To learn more about the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation, check out their website.


2075 Rue Crescent, Montréal, QC H3G 2B8
(438) 382-1293

Photos by Nouveau Noir Boutique.

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