Written by Kevin Horng on 03.06.15

If you’ve heard about Slide the City and wondered when Montreal will be getting it, wonder no more, because it’s coming this summer! From the creators of Colour Me Rad, on August 15th, Slide the City brings out a huge 1000ft slippery water slide to a local city street on a nice hot summer day.

The whole day will be a party as you go out, slip, slide, and maybe even wipe out in front of hundreds of people. When we say party, we mean that there will be live music, food, drinks, and other fun activities. It’ll be family-friendly as you can bring your own inflatables and ride with friends and family.

Slide the City Montreal (4)

Slide the City also partners up with a local charity of the participating city. You’ll also be able to sign up as a volunteer for the event if you want to have fun while giving back.

Slide the City Montreal is still weeks ahead but you can start checking out information for the event. Visit the Montreal specific event page here or on Facebook here.

Regular registration is $35 and late registration is $40. A ticket gives you access to the slide 3 times at any point in the day, along with a wristband, a tube, a mouth guard, a tattoo, and a drawstring bag.

Will we see you on August 15th, getting soaked and wiping out?


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