Written by Dahlia Merlo on 26.05.17

With the weather shaping up in the 514, the talk of the town has been terrace this, terrace that. But hey let’s not forget Montreal is less than consistently sunny, so that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a great night out with bomb food. When the weather is getting less than ideal, instead of hibernating at home, explore the underground wonders of Soubois, on de Maisonneuve, just across from Peel metro.

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Upon entrance, you immediately head downstairs to wood covered walls that remind you of a sauna (minus the real life fear we all have that we’re going to get locked in!) until you reach their forest-like oasis of a restaurant. Beautiful wood décor fills the space with faux tree trunks puncturing the space, two bars, and plenty of seating.

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Besides the décor that will certainly make you feel like you are no longer in the busiest part of the downtown core, their food is fantastic! They use fresh, in season market ingredients to inspire their creative cuisine. We absolutely loved their lobster pasta! Not too creamy and you still get a nice punch of fresh seafood; definitely recommended. Once you try it, you’ll soustand where we’re coming from!

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New to Soubois this summer is their ‘Juliette Rose’ promotion. One lucky blogger or influencer in Montreal is chosen by the restaurant to be ‘Juliette Rose’ for the evening. Her and her friends are pampered all night long! First, they get a special delivery: a magnum bottle of Veuve Cliquot! Then, the girls get picked up in a limousine and driven to their fabulous soirée.

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The group is seated in a beautiful booth in the middle of the space, surrounded by rose petals and candles. The night starts and ends with bottomless champagne with a 4 course meal. You can be sure to find oysters, carpaccio, risotto, and pasta among other amazing chef specialities on your menu that evening.

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If you’re lucky enough to be a chosen Juliette, you’ll have more than just one Romeo spoiling you all night!

1106 Maisonneuve Blvd W, Montreal, QC H3A 1M7
(514) 564-3672

Photos by Natasha Vincelli (@dash_of_tash) and Karel Chladek.

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