Written by Felicia Di Palma on 05.02.14

Montrealers are pretty open when it comes to sex and sexuality. But, even the most open minded need to know where to go to get something to spice things up in the bedroom.

Il Bolero 

Il Bolero is the haute gamme version of a sex shop. Not only does it offer a variety of garters, bustiers for brides and upscale lingerie, but it also offers Victorian style corsets that are created in-house. Customers, who have a hard time finding corsets in their size, could have an authentic Victorian-looking one, lined with whalebone, custom-made for them.

Catering to those who are into the fetish lifestyle or are tempted to try it, Il Bolero offers a wide variety of pleasurable instruments, and fetish clothing. Offering a wide variety of bondage gear, collars, whips and floggers, Il Bolero’s merchandise is almost all made by Montreal artists with a majority of their fetish play equipment made at the store. If customers have an idea for a toy or piece of equipment, they can show their idea to a store associate who could potentially have it created for them.

6846 Rue Saint-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2S 2M6
(514) 270-6065

Sexe Cite

Sexe Cite is one of those sex shops that are perfect for everyone; from the shy girl about to buy her first toy to the couple getting ready for a fetish party and want to see the latex collection from the Quebecois brand, Polymorphe.

Polymorphe isn’t a brand that’s made for curious one-time try. It’s really made for those who are serious about their fetish and want a bodysuit or short-shorts that are made of high quality latex so they could feel comfortable while they play. The clothing makes it not only high in demand, but expensive with good reason. One catwoman latex body suit could easily cost over $600.

Sexe Cite also offers harnesses, pumps, and Chinese balls. If you are in the market for your first dildo or vibrator, definitely check out Sexe Cite. The staff is always very friendly and ready to answer any questions you may have.

6325 St Hubert, Montréal, QC H2S 2L9
(514) 277-5470


Priape is a gay lifestyle sex shop offering everything from that sexy little something you would love to wear for your man to toys, movies and fetish gear.

For men who take part in the fetish lifestyle, Priape is known their array of clothing. Offering  military wear, neoprene, latex clothing from Polymorphe, and Priape’s own leather inspirations, customers are sure to find something that speaks either to their dominate side or to their inner submissive.

If S&M is not your style, Priape offers toys made to tantalize all of your hot spots from Oxballs, Fleshlight, COLT Gear, and more.

Lastly, Priape also offer STR8cam lube; this water-based lube is known for its very ”natural” feel. Best part is it’s not sticky and makes for an easy clean up.

1311 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, QC H2L 2H4
(514) 521-8451


This has to be one of Montreal’s biggest sex shops. The merchandise is quite varied. Seduction has a selection of lingerie, bikinis, costumes and the highest heels. Along with these, they also sell bondage equipment, anal toys, prostate stimulators, dildos and more.

Seduction also offers a variety of unique items that almost anyone would be tempted to try such as the Carmen Electra pole, sex swings, and The Ramp; which tilts and lifts your partner so you experience a new level of depth.

Finally, if you are planning a bachelorette party or looking for gag gifts, Seduction has a large section devoted to novelties items. Looking for penis shaped cake pans, candy g-strings, or maybe a naughty board game, Seduction will definitely have something for you.

5220 Bd Metropolitain E, St-Léonard, QC H1S 1A5
(514) 593-1169

If you are someone who is about to try something new or you are new to toys and fetishes in general, please remember to ask a store associate as many questions as possible to avoid any injuries from having done something incorrectly. They are there to help you and are always prepared to share their knowledge. Remember to also ask them how to clean your purchases. The best sexual experiences are usually the messiest.

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