Written by Felicia Di Palma on 04.02.14

The holiday season is a time where many stress over family events, work, and most of all, the uncooperative weather. When Montrealers want to get away from the holiday tension and observe the Winter Wonderland from a warm thermal bath, Strom Spa is the place to be.

Nun’s Island’s Strom Spa is an outdoor spa complete with a charming bistro. Heading outside in the middle of the winter, in one’s bathing suit, robe and sandals, would have many claiming this was a horrible hypothermic idea; however it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Guests can enjoy the snowy weather, overlooking frozen Des Battures Lake, without feeling like a Popsicle thanks to the warm temperature of the hot whirlpool.

The thermal experience does not end there. Strom Spa also includes outdoor waterfalls, a cold whirlpool, Finnish saunas, a eucalyptus steam room, and quiet areas for indoor or outdoor relaxation by fireplaces. (Access to the thermal enmities: Monday to Thursday $34, Friday to Sunday $46, and evenings after 6pm $29)

Strom Spa also hosts themed events. On the first Thursday of every month, Strom Spa presents Cozy Thursdays for $59. From 5:00pm to 11:00pm, guests would be able to take part in tasting workshops and have access to the thermal enmities. The first Thursday of February will have champagne and bites, while March will feature local alcohols and sugar shack treats. For those night owls, Strom Spa also has an event called Night Under the Stars, which takes place one Friday per month. Guests can enjoy the thermal baths and saunas from 11:00pm to 3:00am in an outdoor winter lounge environment complete with DJ and cocktails for $56.

Private groups are welcome and electronic devices are not permitted passed the locker room to ensure that the spa itself remains a quiet environment as most of the baths and saunas are silent areas. Through snow and rain, the spa remains open. Strom Spa only closes during thunderstorms. Reservations are required for massages and treatments. Check out their website here.

1001 Boulevard de la Forêt, Montréal, QC H3E 1X9
(514) 761-2772

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