Written by Stephania Saridakis and Melanie Gervasi on 03.02.14

Finding the perfect swimsuit can often be a tedious task for women. Certain styles and cuts don’t flatter our silhouettes since they accentuate parts of our bodies we’d rather keep hidden and then there’s the constant problem of trying to track down that one-of-a-kind model that nobody else has. Whether you plan on showcasing your bathing suit at some luxury resort in the Caribbean or casually just hanging around by the pool, we’ve listed some of Montreal’s best swimsuit shops that combine comfort and style for all your beachwear needs.


Here you can expect to come across a line of couture swimwear designed by talented local, Chantal Levesque. All pieces are handmade and unique in that they aren’t the mundane models we’re used to seeing. Much of the collection seems like it could be worn from the runway straight to the beach, making SHAN popular for resort wear. Using innovative designs and patterns, SHAN specializes in the fabrication of swimwear from bathing suits to dress wraps and pareos. Each season her collections are increasingly sought after and can be found distributed worldwide in destinations such as Miami and France. SHAN also has a warehouse store that carries many of their select lines at lower prices. You can find that second location, known by few, at 4390 Autoroute Laval West.

2150 Crescent Street, Montreal, QC, H3G 2B8
(514) 287-7426

Angela Jones

Since establishing itself in 1984, you could go as far to say that Angela Jones has perfected women’s body types and how to create the perfect cut to fit any shape. They offer an array of bathing suit selections from bold prints to solid colors: two-pieces being sold separately allowing you to alternate between an infinite number of styles and combinations. What makes shopping at Angela Jones a unique experience? They have a made-to–measure service, which allows you to create a custom bathing suit right down to the form and color. You might also want to benefit from their minor alterations for that flawless fit.

Rockland Center, 2305 Rockland 3rd Floor, Montreal, QC, H3P 3E9
(514) 845-1542

June Swimwear

Made for those who are sporty yet feminine, June swimwear has created a line of trendy bathing suits recognized for their fun prints, vibrant colors and basic cuts. Produced by young Quebec designer Julie M. Dumais, all June swimwear is of high quality material using lots of spandex and microfiber in their fabrication process. This ensures that your bathing suit will always retain its form especially if you’re active and move around a lot (i.e. like to surf). Although they do not have their own boutique, June Swimwear is available at many retailers in Montreal and throughout Quebec. For all of the location points click here.

Bikini Village

Specialty bathing suit stores such as Bikini Village house suits designed for women of all shapes and sizes. Concerned about brand names? Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Vitamin A can be found at Bikini Village. On the other hand, Bikini village also carries brands such as O’Neill, Roxy and Nike for the more athletic beach-goer looking for a comfortable suit. Every store carries a varying selection of inventory differentiating each one of their boutiques, making them worth exploring. Bikini Village has a countless amount of stores making it accessible for any part of town you happen to be in. You can check their website here for the location nearest to you.

La Vie en Rose’s ‘Aqua’

For those simply looking for less pricey swimwear, there are alternatives. La Vie en Rose’s Aqua swimwear line carries an assortment of bathing suits that will suit any female shopper without necessarily carrying the “haute-couture” tag line. The brand targets and is designed for all female body types, while also offering it’s customers their own collection of beachwear accessories. Aqua is also best known for having great bargains- something rarely seen in bathing suit shops. This store is definitely a must for ladies seeking to stock up on swimwear at an affordable price range! Check their boutique locater here for more info as to where you can find one of their stores.

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