Written by Jonathan Naccache on 05.02.14

TA Pies is fairly new to Montreal and since they opened in 2010, their innovative yet simple concept has won the hearts of many, so much so that they’ve just opened a 2nd location. The name says it; TA Pies is a bakery that specializes in gourmet pies. The concept might seem odd to us Montrealers, but for chef Don Hudson, it represents a known, national comfort food he grew up around all his life. TA Pies has excelled in bringing a big piece of Australia and New Zealand back to Montreal and we’re lucky they chose to start in our city. Now if you’re picturing your typical apple pie, please try to erase any preconceptions you’ve ever had of the term.

TA Pies bakes small, hand-sized, high quality gourmet pies with a twist on traditional recipes. With meat pies ranging from Butter Chicken Pie to Steak & Cheese as well as some of the most original vegetarian pies, TA has created non-traditional flavors from a very traditional dish. These little pieces of heaven are so good that they’ve been made available to buy in frozen format to bring home. At 5$ to 6$ per piece you’re guaranteed to leave with a full stomach without breaking the wallet.

TA also specializes in some pretty savory handmade desserts, also a small taste of the land down under. Two classics you must try are the Beignet Neo-Zélandais (a doughnut in the shape of a hot dog bun stuffed down the middle with cream and fruit), as well as the internationally renowned Tim Tam biscuit. Tim Tams are a thing of every day life in Australia. Sadly these succulent cookies cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Tweeted about by Hollywood stars, these babies are available in packs of 5$ and are worth taking home. Try the Tim Tam Slam, which consists in taking a bite off two opposing corners of the cookies, and then using it as a straw to sip on either milk or a flat white. The result is disastrously good. Or stick them in the freezer for an even better Tim Tam experience. TA also offers some pretty good specialty drinks.

Our advice is don’t play down the pie-factor too quickly. Try these little suckers; they’re pretty damn good.

4520 Avenue du Parc, Montréal, QC H2V 4E3
(514) 277-7437

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