Written by Natasha Vincelli on 20.09.16

Have you ever thought to yourself, how can I do more to help? Help my fellow Montrealers, Canadians, and those struggling in developing countries around the world? It can really feel like global issues like our environment and poverty are too large-scale for one person. However, it can be said that many little gestures can be a solution towards big problems, small gestures as easy as deciding how and where to spend your dollar. That is why we’re here to introduce you to Fifty Fifty, a new clothing line, founded by a Montrealer that will launch in the fall.


On the surface, Fifty Fifty is a clothing line for children that uses certified organic and ethically sourced materials. But Fifty Fifty goes much deeper that than; it is truly a ground breaking business model that the founder hopes will grow to become a more normative way of doing business: to work in conjunction with capitalism.


The name Fifty Fifty signifies how 50% of the company’s profits will be donated to various charities. Fifty Fifty is trying to show that doing well for oneself and doing good for the world and our communities does not need to be antithetic but rather can co-exist. Thus, not only is Fifty-Fifty trying to give back on a micro-level through the work of their company alone, but also on a macro level by introducing a new business model that can ignite substantial change if adopted by other businesses moving forward.


Fifty Fifty’s founder told us he was on a mission to make The Best Tee in the World. Now how does one define the ‘best’ t-shirt? In his opinion, it needs to do two things. One, it needs to be the best for the world and it needs to have a function. To expand on the former, the t-shirts produced by Fifty Fifty use certified organic cotton, are made in factories that are using 100% renewable energy, and follow Fair Trade regulation for the employees, meaning they are paid fair wages and there is no child labour.


As for the second criterion, the founder believes that the best t-shirt will be one that gives back, one that will be an extension of our values and principles. Fifty Fifty is bringing forward a business model that is sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint (by 90%!), and giving back to charity on a large-scale.


The online launch of Fifty Fifty will start with a selection of children’s clothing with the hopes of expanding to an adult market. Fifty Fifty is giving you the opportunity to cast a vote in the direction of change by supporting a business model that is making a difference to the environment, to global workers, and to charities right here, at home.


Check out their Instagram page and keep your eyes peeled for their online launch coming soon!


Photos courtesy of Fifty Fifty.

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