Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 15.07.15

If you have not heard of St-Lambert, it is a small city between Longueil and Brossard, nestled against the river across the casino. It is also the Westmount of the South Shore, with many beautiful pedestrian-friendly streets lined with unique shops. Among these picturesque walkways are an impressive repertoire of restaurants and terraces. One in particular, Café Passion, is the perfect embodiment of the charm of St-Lambert, and an excellent spot for a Sunday brunch.

Cafe Passion St Lambert Montreal (3)

Café Passion makes amazing sandwich and salad plates. Their club sandwiches are big, full and packed with flavour. There is no cheating with thick chunks of lettuce to belie a pathetic amount of meat; Café Passion puts love into these. Particularly, the Club Passion ($12.75) uses an aioli rather than mayo and the difference is obvious. The Tex-Mex wrap is also stand-out with a mildly spicy but fully delicious chicken wrap. Our favorite part of these plates is that the salad that comes with it is substantial and fresh. The dressing is impressive, and it has stumped us all in trying to reproduce it. It is mustard based, but aside from that, a total mystery except in its deliciously fresh taste.

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Café Passion lives up to its name. It instills passion in each of its dishes. On any given Sunday, this café stands as one of the best places to eat a light yet filling meal outside in the sun. Try one of their twenty coffee varieties from around the world or just take the standard coffee bean and have yourself a bowl of café-au-lait. Either way, worries seem to evaporate as the quaint surroundings and relaxed atmosphere work that deep tissue stress better than a Swedish massage. Follow it up with a nice walk through the park or along the river and your Sunday afternoon has just become therapy.

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Café Passion is a great spot in the summer. However, because of the terrace, many will miss the beautiful interior. With 20 feet ceilings with beaten copper patterns, the space is fantastic. One wall is dedicated to the morning saviour, coffee, while the back is dominated by a cake counter worthy of a baker’s. Did we mention they have ludicrously decadent cakes? Café Passion is excellently equipped to delight your sweet tooth.

Whether for weekend lunch, Sunday brunch, or late-night dessert, Café Passion is a treat in the heart of St-Lambert. It delights with its food, coffee, and cake. A must visit for cafe aficionados.

476 Av. Victoria, Saint-Lambert, QC J4P 2J2
(450) 671-1405

Photos courtesy of Café Passion

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