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As students and young professionals, it is sometimes difficult to think of ways keeping ourselves looking dapper. As we all have our own busy schedules, shopping for clothes, looking for hair products, and finding ways to relax becomes a drag. This is why our team has already done all the work for you. Unique to Montreal, we’ve listed 10 ways you can stay on top of your game and help yourself continue to look great.


wise men hair care montreal dapper guide

We had the fortunate opportunity to meet with André Barsalou and Simon Chercuitte, two of the co-founders of Wise men’s care products. Simon is a renown barber with over 14 years experience and the proud founder of Monthly (which we will get into later). André’s background merges business, personal-growth, and passion for good things in life. Their goal was to use ingredients that were eco-friendly and healthy using re-usable glass bottles as packaging. Wise was born and became the first “high quality, natural, and eco-conscious men’s personal care product line.”

We’ve tried a few of their products and they’re the real deal. Their Glacier Clay Pomade comes in a 60ml glass bottle. It’s made with handpicked organic glacial marine clay from Northern British Columbia, known for its abundance of beneficial material. It is great for any type of hair and has a matte finish, which in our opinion allows you to take advantage of your natural hair. They also have a Birch Bark daily shampoo, which is awesome. White Birch Bark is renowned for its high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. It is less foamy than traditional shampoo, and the unique array of oils found in this shampoo offers aromatherapy along with healthy hair. You can order online through their website and get 15% off your first purchase. It is the perfect gift as Christmas is fast approaching. For more information about all their products and new releases, visit wisemencare.com.


monthly barber montreal dapper guide

Part of keeping up with modern fashion goes beyond clothing and accessories. Today, Barbershops in Montreal are booming, and barbers around the city are doing some pretty impressive things. One Barbershop in particular really separates from the rest as it’s bringing back an old school yet hipster vibe. As mentioned above, Monthly, founded by Simon Chercuitte, now has 4 locations; 3 of these shops are found in Montreal’s iconic clothing store Frank&Oak with a solo location now on Rue Duke in the Cité Multimédia. The vibe is cool and trendy with some of the best barbers on the island. They will be able to give you any haircut you desire. Appointments are typically made by reservation as chairs fill up quickly!

Check out the Monthly barber’s website for reservations at appropriate locations.

Pasquale Le Barbier

Chez Pasquale Montreal2

If you are looking for a more conventional and typical barbershop with a classic look, Pascale’s is the place for you. Great for all ages, and open to both walk-ins and reservations, Pascale’s is a cool place to be. With many young men working there, you can see the passion for their work, making sure that no detail is missed. They have 6 chairs that are constantly rolling and their staff of 10 is amongst the highest grade. If you are looking to get a fresh cut well worth the money, Pasquale is the place to go.

5184 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, QC H1T 1W1
(514) 360-7132

Men’s Seasons

mens seasons skin care montreal dapper guide

Another unique skin care product based out of Montreal that we had the opportunity to try is Men’s Seasons. As the environment is continuously shaping many conversations today, Men’s Seasons is doing its part in environmental sustainability with its products being all-natural, vegan, and eco-friendly. They offer summer and winter skin care products that allow your skin to adapt to Montreal’s drastic weather changes. If you are one that loves outdoor winter activities, you have to try their winter guard product, as it is a natural shield that prevents frostbites. With the bi-polar weather lately, these products are sure to come in handy! When we said that Men’s Season was doing its part, we were not kidding, as for every box set sold, they plant a tree. We love this initiative!

Les Industries Groom

les industries groom beard care montreal dapper guide

Anyone that has a beard going will tell you that it’s a process to maintain. Especially with those full beards, it is extremely important to maintain it as it can quickly get out of hand. We’ve found the perfect products that will help men with all kinds of beards. Les Industries Groom has products that range from beard grooming oils, shaving oils and soaps, aftershave, and hair products. Their products are handcrafted from natural ingredients only, that means no parabens, artificial perfumes, or colouring agents are used, and everything is made in Montreal. Bonus points: they don’t test on animals. You can order the products directly online or you can visit one of the many places in Montreal that sells Groom products.


rainspa spa for men montreal dapper guide

It is important to treat yourself, especially when it comes to slowing things down for a couple of hours. Sometimes we forget that our bodies need to relax and unwind from all the chaos. Rainspa is a beautiful spa in Montreal that has everything you need to relax, with spa services geared toward men. From regular messages to thermal body care and face care, Rainspa has a variety of packages that are a unique experience. Another aspect of Rainspa that stands out to us is their Ginger Renewal for men. For an hour and a half, experience the two-step exfoliation process using ginger and a combination of earthy minerals. Combine this with a full body massage with ginger oil and hot stones. Finally, relax inside a warm cocoon with a relaxing head and foot message.


gaudi men suits montreal dapper guide

Fashion in Montreal is known around the world. Although we are in North America, it seems as though Montreal’s fashion influence comes directly from Europe. Both men and women are all typically well dressed both formally and in day-to-day casual wear. When it comes to buying formal clothing, it’s tough to find locations that sell quality clothing for reasonable prices. Gaudi is one of these locations. Located in Fairview Pointe-Claire, Gaudi offers lines from Scotch and Soda, Tombolini, and Robert Graham. They remain the sole family-owned business in the mall and stay true to their identity. The owners and employees are ready to give you a personalized service so you can find the perfect suit for your special occasion. So if you are looking for high and posh attire that will help you look dapper, Gaudi is a must.

Frank & Oak

frank and oak men clothing montreal dapper guide

Frank & Oak has an original concept when it comes to shopping. What started as a men’s store with all clothes designed in Montreal has now expanded to woman as well. When it comes to shopping, Frank & Oak understands the way the times are moving and has revolutionized the online shopping experience. If you aren’t a shopping lover, Frank & Oak’s online store allows you to ship up to eight items to your house (free of charge) in order to try on what you like. Whatever you don’t like, simply put back in the box and ship it back to the store, where only what you keep is charged to your online account. Pretty neat. The experience at Frank & Oak is unique as you can also get your haircut at Monthly or enjoy coffee at their local café. Their style is very chic and simple, with excellent quality that will go a long way. They are one of the top places to shop for men.

Harry Klein Shoe Shine

harry klein shoe shine montreal dapper guide

We don’t think there’s anything more dapper than keeping your expensive dress shoes fresh. Maybe it’s just us, but a complete suit goes beyond the pants and jacket. We know that keeping your everyday work shoes clean is hard, but it doesn’t have to be with Harry Klein. They offer a unique and interactive shoe shinning experience for all men.

1250 René-Lévesque Blvd.,O. Montréal, Qc., H3B 4W8
Between Drummond & Stanley / across from the Sheraton Hotel
(514) 979 0652

Photos courtesy of the respective businesses. Featured image courtesy of Les Industries Groom.

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