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Husband and wife team, Andreas and Bronwyn, are passionate about baking and the goodies sold at their bakery are proof of fact. Andreas is the expert baker with over 20 years of experience and Bronwyn is the epitome of a girl boss with an admiration for fashion and design. In 2008, the talented duo decided to combine their skills and open Dolce Vita Bakery in St-Leonard.

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The beauty of this all-in-one bakery is, of course, the delectable treats, but also the trendy and welcoming space that creates a sense of community spirit the moment you walk in. Pick up your daily breads and sweets, or simply swing by for a coffee and some chatter!

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In addition to serving the public, the couple has been supplying reputable retailers and restaurants with bread, pizza, and turnovers including Cafe Milano, Buonanotte Traiteur, Beniamino and many more!

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Andreas and Bronwyn’s biggest fans and best critics are their three charming little boys, Max, Fin, and Oliver. At any point of the day you will find the couple collaboratively working and parenting. Fortunately, their boys love spending time in the bakery and learning the tricks of the trade. These little munchkins have even inspired new ideas for the business. Its a family affair!

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In the years since, Andreas became a master of their tasty, hand-rolled, oven baked pretzels and the ever growing demand encouraged them to expand with a spin-off business, Bretzel & Compagnie, in 2011. The pretzel recipe used is a traditional Bavarian recipe perfected by Andreas’ mother in Germany and brought with her to Canada when she immigrated in the early 60s.

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Little did Andreas know that the Bavarian treats he once snacked on as a child, he would later be serving to eager Montrealers. Not to mention high profile events at the Ritz Carlton and the W Hotel as well. It’s a magical experience to rip into soft and chewy pretzels; it brings everyone back to their youth and now you don’t have to go see a ball game to enjoy them!

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While the classic salted pretzel is among the flavours at Bretzel & Compagnie, they’ve taken the flavour game up a notch and add to their list weekly. The most popular flavours include maple bacon, Nutella, Reese’s Pieces, and their newest addition, the sweet & salty Turtle pretzel (can you say yum!). Their mantra: if you can dream it, we can create it!

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Leave it to Bronwyn to come up with the unique flavours and pretty garnishes. Her vision to create the haute game pretzel is well on its way, if not already there in our eyes! Bronwyn’s knack for styling has allowed them to successfully tap into events with their personalized pretzel stations at holiday parties, weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, as well as teaming up with other bakeries for their sweet tables.

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Not only does this dynamic duo get creative with flavours, but also form! They offer the option of pretzel cheese sticks, pretzel pizzas, pretzel buns (awesome for pulled pork), pretzel cones (a dream when stuffed with tartare or lobster), and pretzel bagels (perfectly paired with smoked salmon and cream cheese).

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We put the soft pretzels to the test and while they left our tummies feeling oh-so good, the extraordinary family behind this business made for an even better experience!

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5670 Rue Jarry E, Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 1V4
(514) 328-1845

Pictures courtesy of Bretzel et Compagnie.

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