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It’s not always easy finding a vegetarian meal in Montreal. Veggie lovers are constantly putting up their annoying carnivorous friends who just don’t get it. And to top it off, making healthy and well-rounded vegetarian meals can sometimes be a challenge. Don’t you want to just NOT cook one night and order in? Wait, where can vegetarians order in other than greasy pizza and MSG-filled Chinese food? Fret not, you now have tons of options!

Copper Branch’s Copper Burger

Copper Branch Foodora Montreal Delivery

Do you love beets? Who doesn’t, really. Imagine a beet burger! Copper Branch serves an incredible burger with a patty made of beets, lentils, brown rice, and walnuts. Add some maple syrup to sweeten it up, some Dijon mayonnaise to add some tang, and top it off with caramelized onions, alfalfa sprouts, and lettuce. And there you have an incredible burger, sans meat but packed with flavour and delicious nutrients. You can get it with an organic kamut bun, a gluten-free bread, or a lettuce base. And the best part? You can have it delivered to your door.

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Falafel Avenue’s BigFa


How can you go wrong with falafels? You can’t. Really. They’re delicious, nutritious, and satisfying. But sometimes, you want to lay off the fried food and go the healthier route (gasp!). That’s where Falafel Avenue’s BigFa comes in. You have all the yumminess of falafel, without the deep fryer. Falafel is spread onto pita bread, baked, and then finished with your favourite veggie toppings. What’s not to love? And now, you can eat it at home, without having to move a muscle!

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Brigade Pizzeria’s Quattro Fromaggi Pizza

Brigade Pizzeria Foodora Montreal Delivery

Pizza is pretty standard vegetarian fare. You’ve got the dough, the San Marzano tomato sauce (if they know which tomatoes to use), and the cheese. It’s the perfect combination of flavours and always hits the spot. But vegetarians have other options at pizza spots, like the four cheese pizza at Brigade. Piled high with blue cheese, ricotta, Grana Padano, and fresh mozzarella, this pizza will be oozing cheese with every bite. Say goodbye to greasy delivery pizza (Delissio too), and say hello to Italian-style pizza, delivered straight to your door.

Get the quattro fromaggi pizza delivered to your location.

Bello Italian Deli’s Caprese Panini

Bello Italian Deli Montreal Delivery Foodora

Sometimes you want a good panino. And you don’t want to make it yourself. But you don’t want to leave the house. First world problems. BUT there’s a solution. You can get Bello Italian Deli’s Caprese Panini straight to your door. Take a bite out of this vegetarian Panini with juicy tomatoes, fresh and salty mozzarina, and arugula for a spicy kick.

Get the Caprese panini delivered to your location.

ChuChai’s Chicken Red Curry and Coconut Milk

ChuChai Foodora Montreal Delivery

ChuChai has vegan down to a science. They make their vegan “meat” so tasty, you may wonder why you ever ate meat at all when this was an option. And now you can eat their vegan meat miracles in the comfort of your jammies while browsing Netflix. Chill optional. Their chicken red curry with coconut milk is comforting, packed full of intense flavour, and just a joy to eat. Order it with some rice and you have yourself a bangin’ party of one.

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Café Nutrimania’s Veggie Chili

Nutrimania Foodora Montreal Delivery

Sometimes you need a kick to get moving, but you can’t seem to leave the couch. You need energy to get up and move but lack the energy to feed yourself you that energy. Do you see a problem? We do. Lucky enough, you can order a vegan chili, full of life pounding energy and warmth, from Café Nutrimania. It’s is packed full of complex and tantalizing flavours, protein for that much needed kick, and vegetables to tie it all in. Get it delivered to your home and let it propel you to productivity.

Get the vegan chili delivered to your location.

Being vegetarian can be tough when you’re home with next to nothing in the fridge and you want to get something to eat quickly. The natural impulse is to call for delivery… but who delivers vegetarian food? Problem solved! Foodora can get you your favourite vegetarian meals in a jiff! Use coupon code VEGGIE for $10 off your first order ($20 minimum, valid until April 31st, 2016)!

Photos courtesy of Foodora.

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