Written by Bert Caluori on 13.01.16

Secret doors, cocktails, and live music: all things you come to expect from prohibition era bars. Now Montreal has a new cocktail bar done with that prohibition era flare. Over on St Denis is Le 4e mur, new bar with some great cocktails.

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So what does one mean when they say hidden door? Literally, it means that when you walk past the front door, you are greeted by a brick wall. And then here’s the fun part: you have to find the hidden brick that opens the door. We won’t tell you where the door is but you can email the bar and they will tell you.

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Once you get past the brick wall, you are greeted by a large bar and main room as well as a side room, equally large with ample seating space. It’s perfect for an intimate drinks date and also great for larger groups. If you’re more than 8 people, it may help to make a reservation.

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With live music shows on some nights, you can get a fun experience while sipping on some really great drinks.

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The menu has lots of the classic cocktails but with a twist. Case in point: the Moscow mule has a piece of white chocolate in it. You can also try out the ever elusive Aviation, which is a more difficult drink to have and doubly difficult to pull off right. You can get all the classic prohibition era cocktails here, all properly prepared with love and care. This is not your run-of-the-mill bar where you will see Appletinis or Jägerbombs. This is a bar that makes drinks for those with discerning taste.

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As an added bonus, some drinks, like the Old Fashioned, use special slow frozen ice (similar to the fabled Japanese ice). The ice block is crystal in the sense that it has no impurities and is almost invisible when covered with liquid. This is in stark contrast to the usual white cloud we see in most ice.

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It is this attention to detail that helps make a positive impression for those who like a little extra in their cocktails. So if you feel like trying something new and yet classic, consider Le 4e mur.

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