Written by Julia D'Adamo on 31.01.18

There are certain things about Montreal that just bring the city together. And no, we’re not talking about our mutual feelings for forty below winters. We’re talking about the food! We love our bagels, we love our smoked meat, but above anything else we love our poutine. Is there anything more delicious than warm gravy slathered over fresh fries and topped with a mountain of squeaky cheese? Thankfully, La Poutine Week is back in town for the sixth year in a row, offering us Montrealers the very best in poutine for seven whole days.

La Poutine Week 2018 Tuque la poutine week montreal

This year’s edition of La Poutine Week is bigger and better than ever before. Sponsored by Kingsey, the best in Quebec for squeaky cheese curds, La Poutine Week has made its way to over 240 restaurants across Canada (in six provinces!). Let’s be honest, it’s only fair to share the beauty of Quebec poutine with the rest of the country. Here in Montreal, we’re lucky to have over 40 of our top restaurants offering unique poutines that represent their own flavours and style. You can also vote for the best ones on www.lapoutineweek.com to help your favourite restaurant win the coveted Kingsey’s Best Poutine Award”.

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Since Montreal often feels like the North Pole at this time of year, we understand that some you may prefer to enjoy your poutine from the comfort of your own home. To bring the deliciousness of La Poutine Week to your front door, they have partnered up with the GOLO app on both Androids and iPhones! Select restaurants will have their specialty poutines available through the app for both pickup and delivery to make it easier than ever to enjoy your favourite poutines all snuggled up by the fire. Even better, many restaurants will be offering coupons for FREE poutines throughout the week on their social media accounts to be claimed through GOLO! Any poutine is a great poutine, but a FREE poutine? That hits the jackpot.

Campo la poutine week montreal

All the poutines offered at this year’s festival look decadent and full of flavour, but there are a few that definitely stand out to us.  Campo has created a special poutine, “The Bifana” for the occasion. Homemade fries topped with pork cutlets, chorizo sausage, São Jorge cheese (and of course the classic cheese curds and chicken sauce), “The Bifana Poutine” is definitely on our list of poutines to try this week.  Another original dish we have our eye on is the Poutine Pizza, served up by Dirty Pizza. This special pizza is topped with fries, homemade gravy, cheese curds, and mozzarella, and combines our two favourite comfort foods in one.

Dirty Pizza la poutine week montreal

La Poutine Week is also sure to have something for everyone, including a vegetarian poutine served at Lola Rosa. This “Pot Pie Poutine” has peas, carrots, kale, and fried capers and is topped with a creamy cauliflower beschamel sauce.

Monsieur Resto + Bar la poutine week montreal

What are you waiting for? Seven days of La Poutine Week starts February 1st and runs through the 7th, and we’re already trying to maximize how many poutines we can inhale in such a short time! Join us in taking in the very best our city has to offer- glorious poutine.

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