Written by Vanessa Perri on 02.11.17

Looking to hit up a new 5 à 7 spot before heading to the Habs game on Thursdays? Then look no further! Known for its luminous and eclectic location in Montreal’s Old Port, LOV opened its second location on de la Montagne Street on June 29th 2017—conveniently located near the Bell Centre.

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LOV (Local Organic Vegetarian) is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant that serves botanical cuisine. Their menus include fresh dishes whose ingredients are natural and handpicked. Even if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan enthusiast, we are almost certain that you’ll want to whet your appetite with LOV‘s authentic cuisine. Their savoury dishes are offered for brunch (Saturday and Sunday), during the day (Monday to Friday) and for dinner (Monday to Sunday).

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LOV‘s new de la Montagne location can fit up to 200 people and it will soon be able to host groups and corporate functions thanks to the event space on their third floor. Curious to see what LOV’s menus consist of? You can check them out here: Recipes Made From Scratch.

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Choose LOV de la Montagne as your new 5 à 7 spot on Thursdays as it is the perfect venue for a night out with coworkers, friends, or your significant other. With its horticulture-inspired indoor decor, its charming outdoor terrace, and special guest DJ, LOV-goers will be invited into a warm and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

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LOV‘s drinks menu is another incomparable element to the restaurant. Their selection of natural and biodynamic wines, biological beer, as well as their assortment of botanical cocktails will leave you wanting more. You can check out their drinks menu here: Beverages.

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We live in a city that has a lot to offer us—which also means that we sometimes forget about its hidden gems. So next time you are looking to try exceptional drinks and food, think LOV!

Photos by Vanessa Perri (@vanessaperri_).

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