Written by Kevin Horng on 09.06.15

“Nothing exists, it is waiting to be defined. Questioning this requires faith and fact. The more we understand that nothing is something, we realize nothing exists.”

In the midst of the Montreal Grand Prix Weekend hype and MURAL festival hype, Station 16 Gallery is home to an art exhibition until July 4th by Los Angeles-based art collective, Cyrcle. Nothing Exists will tap into the topics of religion, science, and duality, making you question everything.

Cyrcle - Nothing Exists - Station 16 - Montreal (12)

Station 16 Gallery has been one of the best, if not THE best, spot on the Main and the city of Montreal offering art exhibitions from an array of talented global artists. A blend of art, fashion, culture, music, and more is what you’ll find at Station 16 Gallery. With an insightful staff, you’ll find yourself learning something cool about the Montreal and international art scene anytime you visit.

Cyrcle - Nothing Exists - Station 16 - Montreal (5)

Since 2010, Cyrcle has been garnering attention and respect from the global art community. They’ve done street art pieces and galleries all over the world from Hong Kong in China, to London in the UK. Striking imagery, blended colour coding, sleek typography, and thought provoking messages is what is incorporated into the art collective’s work.

Nothing Exists will be an art exhibition that will take us into a philosophical mindset. By forcing one to use one’s perception, the composition of the art gallery can be seen and understood in a critical thinking manner. Release all implications, meaning, truth, and validity; “See blind. Hear Silence. Feel the truth.”

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