Written by Dahlia Merlo on 30.07.15

Saint-Henri was in tears when Buck15 closed its doors a few months ago due to water damage. Their Instagram was full of sad and reminiscent posts of the lattes and nibbles that once were, with the promise of a triumphant return… at some point.

Photo: Montreall.com's Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii)

Until now! Buck15 is back and they’ve upped the anty with so many more treats for you to choose from. They had a re-opening launch party featuring DJ Yo-C with toast going on for miles and miles. We got to nibble on a few new creations and enjoy their cold brew coffee, brownies, and oatmeal. Island rum punch was flowing, the music was jamming, and there were a few surprises waiting for us in the alley next to the café.

Buck15 espresso coffee shop Montreal (13)

Antoine Tava spruced up the wall with his own incredible design, adding some colour and jazz to the narrow space. And what was that, next to DJ Yo-C? A spicy and immensely flavourful jerk chicken BBQ, prepared and chopped (with a heavy duty cleaver) in front of our eyes. We were in heaven.

Buck15 espresso coffee shop Montreal (14)

But never fear! All these wonderful treats are available at Buck15 now. Every Monday, head on over for some jerk chicken BBQ (you won’t be disappointed). And not only that, but the #toastboss is back and better than ever. A new fabulous toast includes ricotta, figs, strawberry, apple, homemade caramel with sea salt, and nuts. What better way to start your morning?

Buck15 espresso coffee shop Montreal (11)

They also have savoury toasts with beets, chickpeas, pecans, turkey, and so much more! The toasts are colourful, flavourful, and made with a touch of love. Their oatmeal is also worth raving about, with a wonderful combination of sweet, crunchy, and fresh tastes and textures.

Buck15 espresso coffee shop Montreal (16)

We’re so happy that Buck15 and the Toast Boss is back! You’ll find us waiting next to the grill every Monday, enjoying some jerk chicken along with our toast.

3027 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H4C 1N9
(514) 939-2825

Photos courtesy of Buck15 Espresso Bar and Montreall.com’s Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii).

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