Written by Alex Spina on 18.04.18

The Latin district of Montreal has a new modern bar that is attracting people in waves. Located on 1738 St Denis St, le Saint Moose offers an upscale bar with delicious food that holds true to its Canadian-Francophone identity. A fine dinning experience with a creative menu, Le Saint-Moose is easily a place we know you’d enjoy.

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The Canadian theme is evident. Besides the name and the giant moose head hanging from the wall, this bar is decorated with rustic wooden tables, brick walls, and dim lighting. It truly feels as though you are walking into a cabin in the middle of the woods. The pub is divided into two sections as it allows people to hover around the bar and standing tables, or sit and enjoy your food with your group of friends like an urban style pub.

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We had the opportunity to join Le Saint- Moose on two separate occasions. Their cocktail night was exceptional and gave us the opportunity to enjoy several cocktails and get a glimpse at some of their drink menu items. We were also fortunate to get invited back to their tasting menu night, which left us wanting more. Their menu is completely revamped and offers delicious pub food with a modern twist. Chef Nicola Alfredo Salinas has done an excellent job at bringing people food to look forward to that is true to the city of Montreal.

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The first course we dove into was a combination of homemade spreads accompanied by a series of crackers and breads. Each was assorted from sweet and salty. Also on the plate was fried sweet bread which went deliciously with the hummus and nuts as the oils and fats from the dough were complimented and gave a unique twist on the salty and lime finished humus.

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The second tasting course encompassed a classic Montreal menu item, as smoked salmon was the focal point. Instead of the classic cream cheese, sour cream and pickled vegetables made this ordinary dish something elegant and light. The salmon was fresh and the vegetables were a classic foil to the sour cream as it gave it a crunchy texture and juicy finish.

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The third and final course was their homemade fried mac and cheese burger. Homemade ground beef, seasoned perfectly and cooked medium, is topped off with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, and fried mac and cheese balls. It was absolutely delicious. Mac and cheese was creamy and cheesy but what really separated this burger was the fact that it was fried. If there’s one thing on this menu that you must order when you get there, it is this!

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Le Saint-Moose also has a great terrace that overlooks busy St-Denis street, which is packed in the summer months. It’s in a great location and is truly one of the highlights to Montreal’s nightlife. Be sure to stop by for a drink, or a delicious meal; Le Saint-Moose will not disappoint!

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1738 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2X 3K6

Photos courtesy of Le Saint Moose and Alex Spina (@kitchen__121).

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