Written by Alex Spina on 27.03.18

If you’ve ever been to Beachclub during the summer months, you’ll know how well Olivier Primeau throws a party! Beachclub is located in Pointe-Calumet about an hour outside the city. A private beach resort that offers everything you’d expect. A massive dance floor, pools, and several outdoor bars, the perfect space for locals to get away and enjoy Montreal’s limited summer days. As Olivier has become one of the biggest influencers in Montreal, it is safe to say that whenever he is organizing an event, people will show up. That’s exactly how it went down at the Montreal Casino on March 3rd.

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It felt as though we were invited to an exclusive party at one of Montreal’s most iconic spots. The Pop up Soirée was an outdoor event located on Montreal Casino’s terrace. The terrace was filled with people enjoying the cold winter night, singing and dancing along to one of Beachclub’s very own DJ Tizi. As it took place outside, the ambience reminded us of Igloofest, something that Olivier Primeau even mentioned to be one of his inspirations. Yes, it was cold but the fire pits and heaters were toasty and kept us warm. They even had s’mores for us to enjoy!

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The two ice bars offered tons of drinks, including cocktails, bottle service, and of course free Bud light! Despite the many influencers that were present, it was easy to see how people were able to relax and truly have a good time. One of the perks to having it at the casino was that you were free to roam back and forth testing your luck (if you chose too) at one of the hundreds of tables or slot machines.

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If you plan on seeing some of the hottest DJ’s, summer 2018 is rapidly approaching. You must take a look at the Beachclub lineup this summer. One well-known artist (Sean Paul) is already sold out and will take over July 21st. But if you don’t have your tickets for that, Tiesto announced he will be in town for a two day special June 3rd and September 3rd! You better get your tickets quickly as it’s guaranteed to be a sell out event.

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Olivier Primeau is all about fun and he does a great job at entertaining the rest of Montreal. So as the Pop up Soiree at the casino was a hit, you’re guaranteed to get the same experience at any of his parties. If you’re looking to get out for a special event, Beachclub also offers reservations that guarantee you and your friends have a spot that’s right for you. If you want more information about Olivier Primeau, be sure to check out his website olivierprimeau.com.

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Photos by Peter Ryaux-Larsen and Fred Young.

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