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When we think of Traditional French cuisine, we think of the variety of sauces, the quality of ingredients, the smell of freshly baked bread, along with the time and passion that goes into creating a dish. Today, chefs have incorporated art within their dishes to demonstrate the food’s fullest potential of flavour and colour. Chef Liam Hopkins is doing something different at Hopkins Restaurant as he is putting a modern-day twist on Traditional French Cuisine.

Hopkins Restaurant Montreal NDG 2

Located in Notre-Dame-De-Grace (NDG), Hopkins adds to the lively atmosphere of Monkland Avenue. Founded by Liam Hopkins and culinary stylist Nicolina Servello, this restaurant will bring you fresh and elegantly made market-to-table cuisine in a relaxed and beautifully designed restaurant. The décor makes you feel as if you are walking into their home. When eating at Hopkins, we felt as if we were inside a fine dining room, welcomed by our hosts, and treated with amazing hospitality. You’ll feel as though you’re eating alongside an entire family of people as they have incorporated a mirror ceiling, bringing everyone closer together.

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What makes Hopkins unique is their dining, by coupling petits plats with seasonal tasting menus. Guests can choose from a three and five-course Tasting Menu, or choose to go with refined dishes inspired by the season’s harvest. The menu offers dishes with incredible ingredients that we had the opportunity to taste. We highly recommend choosing their tasting menu, as you will be extremely happy with the flavours you will experience.

Hopkins Restaurant Montreal NDG 1

Not only does Hopkins offer incredible food, they also have their sommelier trained by Food & Beverage consultant Dan Lima who has spent much of his time privately importing wines from the south of France as well as working on the vineyards themselves. Hopkins can pair your dish with wines and ciders that elevate the dishes’ flavours, in essence changing your overall experience.

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The first dish that came out was a selection of house made charcuterie (a variety of meats and cheeses) all with very different textures and tastes. It was served with a cider (Isastegi) that was sour-acidic and complimented the fats and oils from the meats. It was the first time we experienced something so unique as the flavours from the meats and cider complimented each other perfectly.

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Another dish that was superb was their scallop fish and chips. Although it was not your traditional battered fried fish, Hopkins‘ use of the scallop and crispy popcorn polenta allowed for these elements to emerge in a different way. The scallop was perfectly cooked with a crispy golden exterior. Other elements of the dish such as the apple slaw, tartar sauce, truffled potato velouté, and corn crumble brought flavours that you’ve never experienced before.

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Our personal favourite was their New Zealand rack of lamb. As the dish was filled with extras such as confit onion mascarpone, pickled red onion, and sweet potato fondant, Chef Liam Hopkins made sure that these ingredients did not take away from the quality of the meat. The additional ingredients only enhanced the flavours of this delicious lamb.

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Hopkins will not only offer delicious food and incredible wine pairings, but it will also bring you on a culinary journey that will change the way you perceive the art of cooking.

5626 Monkland Ave, Montreal, QC H4A 1E3
(514) 379-1275

Photos by Hopkins and Alex Spina (@kitchen__121)

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