Written by Dahlia Merlo on 12.07.17

The Montreal 375 celebrations are far from over, and the city’s people are devising even more ways to put us on the map. Most recently, 15 Montreal bartenders and bar owners have come up with an official cocktail for Montreal! The initiative was led by Kevin Demers, the owner of Coldroom, a speakeasy in Old Montreal.

The cocktail itself is delightfully boozy. For a city known for its nightlife, it’s no wonder the Montreal cocktail packs a punch! The cocktail is composed of equal parts Rutte Dry Gin, Canadian rye whiskey, Aperol Aperitivo, and Suze Saveur d’Autrefois. Garnish with a grapefruit zest twist and you’ve got yourself a Montreal cocktail!

montreal official cocktail 1

The aperitif-style cocktail gives a nod to both our English and French backgrounds, and includes (of course) Canadian whiskey to seal the deal.

The 15 creators, all hailing from Montreal, are Kevin Demers from Coldroom, Graham Warner from Le Mal Nécessaire, Brynley Leach from Jellyfish, Hugo Dallaire from Chez Dallaire, Charles Landry from Taverne Midway, Chris Natale from Ê.A.T., Drahos Chytry and Sabrina Mailhot from Bishop & Bagg, Fabien Maillard from Le Lab, Philippe Haman from La Distillerie, Sam Dalcourt, Jean-Maxine Giguere from 132 Bar Vintage, Jason Griffin from Maggie Oakes, Kate Boushel from Atwater Cocktail Club, and Tony Galdes from Le 4e Mur.

montreal official cocktail 4

You can try out the cocktail for yourself at many bars around the city! Try it at ColdroomLe Mal Nécessaire, Bishop & Bagg, Le Lab, 132 Bar Vintage, Mile Public House, Jellyfish, Santos, Le 4e Mur, Huis Clos, Le Jockey, Le Royal, La Distillerie X, Atwater Cocktail Club, Atelier Argentine, Cloakroom, Le King Hall, Wunderbar, Plateau Lounge, Auberge St-Gabriel, Taverne Midway, Bar Kabinet, Bistro Le Sam, and Rockwood.

Bottoms up!

Featured image by @jeanfelixdesfosses.

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