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Source: Facebook via Montreal Game Jam

The new year brings new opportunities the whole world over, and Montreal is no exception. Quebec’s playing host to its very own Game Jam this January, and the entire city’s invited.

What is the Montreal Game Jam?

The Montreal Game Jam is a small part of a much larger global organisation. Its premise is quite simple: to gather together video game fans, veterans and developers for a single weekend and charge them with the mission of game development. That’s right! The Game Jam is all about creating games. It takes a group of passionate people from all walks of life and gets them to build something really special. But there’s a catch – participants have only a single weekend to complete a prototype of their game project.

The Montreal Game Jam stimulates creativity, originality and cooperation. It’s the product of numerous associations throughout the city, all of whom have an interest in seeing the industry grow. It’s a flagship of entrepreneurship, and you should definitely get involved. Each year’s Jam has its own theme, with 2019’s yet to be announced.

What’s the aim of the Game Jam?

The video game industry has been in a state of perpetual growth since its beginnings; more recently, its seen a lot of growth in Montreal. The city plays host to numerous studios and developers (not least Ubisoft and EA) and produces everything from mobile games to AAA titles every year. The aim of the Game Jam is to encourage community involvement, career opportunities and most of all to stimulate the creation of new ideas. According to the Game Jam website, ‘Now is the time to discover new talents, to cultivate new ideas and to form new partnerships… We want you to have fun and do what you love most: create games!’


Source: Pexels

Montreal is just one part, one nexus in a much wider web of game development. There’s heavy competition in every genre (and plenty of critics!), from the best online casino with original themes, bonuses and design to the best puzzle platformer, right the way through to the next best first-person shooter. Those involved in the Game Jam will have every opportunity to show off what they specifically can do, and moreover to network and create.

The video game industry was predicted to end 2018 with a net worth of over $137 billion US dollars in 2018. 51% of this was predicted to come from mobile games, 25% from console games, and 24% from PC. Never before has there been such investment, such diversity, and such opportunity in the field. The Game Jam is an opportunity for everybody with an interest in game development, amateur or professional, to have their own say.

Dates and Prices

The Montreal Game Jam takes place between Jan 25th and Jan 27th, beginning on Friday afternoon and ending 48 hours later on Sunday afternoon.

Price of entry is $30, with snacks provided throughout the weekend for all taking part. For more information and live updates, follow the Montreal Game Jam on Facebook.