Written by admin on 09.09.19

It mightn’t be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the best spots in the world to enjoy some casino gaming, but Montréal has a surprisingly lively casino gaming scene. While it doesn’t necessarily have the sheer volume of casinos the other gaming hubs like Las Vegas or even Niagara Falls pride themselves on, Montréal is a dynamic place and is home to some great quality Canadian casinos out there.

In total, Montréal has eight casino establishments. While not exactly big by Las Vegas standards, this is a decent spread and gives casino fans a lot of choice when they visit the city. The largest and most popular of these is the Casino de Montréal, which has the floor space of 526,488 square feet in total. It is home to over 3,000 gaming machines and 115 table games. Also included are 26 individual poker tables as well as a selection of restaurants and bars. Beyond the games themselves, the Casino de Montréal is a truly stunning building, featuring some incredibly unusual architecture.

The second largest casino in Montréal is the El Jumelgi Bar and Poker Room. Located on the Rue Sainte-Catherine Est., El Jumelgi has proven itself to be one of the most popular gaming spots for locals and visitors alike. Although lacking the staggering size of the Casino de Montréal, this lower key option can definitely be classified as one of the best Canadian casinos offers a decent spread of gaming machines and poker tables, with poker proving to be a mainstay amongst customers. They are also known for donating their profits from the poker tournaments they hold to a charity, which is a great initiative for the industry.

One of the newest entrants to the casino gaming scene in Montréal is the Playground Poker Club, which opened in 2010 and focuses, as the name suggests, on Poker. With a total floor space of 128,000 square feet, it offers 75 poker tables and a solid range of slot machines. Its profile has been raised in recent years by hosting a number of high-profile poker tournaments, notably the Party Poker Premier League in 2013. In 2017, they also hosted the Playground Poker World Cup of Cards, one of the most famous poker tournaments in the world, which is expected to make a return to the Poker Club in 2019.

As one of the most vibrant French-speaking cities in the world, Montréal has attracted visitors as a truly unique vacation destination for years. Although it is perhaps more well-known for its distinctly continental streets, it’s unique Francophone culture and, of course, the best fast food known to man – poutine, Montréal has a lot to offer visitors beyond the traditional tourist sights. If you are a casino gaming fan, Montréal might surprise you. Despite not being as well-known as Las Vegas or some of its biggest competitors across the United States, Montréal holds its own when it comes to the quality of the casinos on offer. The Casino de Montréal in particular, will be sure to delight, with its stunning architecture and massive range of new and traditional casino games on offer.