Written by Dahlia Merlo on 31.07.17

This summer, Montreal was graced with the addition of a new Moroccan restaurant, Tangia. We can always use more varied ethnic restaurants in our city! It’s what makes us awesome.

Tangia Montreal Moroccan restaurant 7 Alain Dahan

We attended the media, friends, and family opening of the gorgeous restaurant in the middle of downtown Montreal. Live Moroccan music was playing, the wine was flowing, and the canapés were being passed around to hungry patrons.

Tangia Montreal Moroccan restaurant 1

The restaurant itself is beautiful. Moroccan details decorate the walls, tables, and couches, giving the restaurant the ambiance you’d expect (and hope) to find at Tangia. They even have a gorgeous inner courtyard that will make you quickly forget you’re in the middle of downtown. The bright courtyard is a stunning contrast to the dim lighting in the restaurant.

Tangia Montreal Moroccan restaurant 6

We tried many dishes that made us eager to come back and try heaping plates of Moroccan food. We loved the kofta balls served in mini pitas. They were full of flavour and tasted just like homemade Middle Eastern cuisine.

Tangia Montreal Moroccan restaurant 2

For those who are a little more adventurous with their palates, the veal tongue was a delectable bite that we’d love more of. Tangia menu is a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes coupled alongside more modern twists on old classics. We’re definitely not complaining! Everything we tried was delicious.

Tangia Montreal Moroccan restaurant 3

Another winner was the traditional fish pastillas, phyllo dough fried and stuffed with succulent fish. Everything was truly impressive.

Tangia Montreal Moroccan restaurant 5

If the menu is too overwhelming and you can’t decide what to eat, try one of Tangia‘s combo menus so you can get a bit of everything. Their Discovery Menu has an assortment of 5 appetizers, they have another option with the same 5 appetizers, a tagging, and a dessert platter to boot. They’re very open to patrons trying as many dishes as possible to get a true Moroccan experience.

Tangia Montreal Moroccan restaurant 4


Try out Tangia for yourself and discover the world of Morocco.

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(514) 282-9790

Photos courtesy of Tangia.

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